Holistic Parenting

Lap Days

Many of my girlfriends who have recently started back at work are finding that, much to their great dismay,  their little ones are catching colds and flu’s through exposure to bugs at their crèches and kindergartens. This in turn, creates great distress for these Mother’s, who are compelled to take Read more…


Happy New Year

Well “Happy New Year” to you all! I hope (should you desire) that you are slowly moving into 2008 without too much rush or haste. Simon and I took the boys to Queensland this year for Christmas to visit my family. We then headed to far north eastern Canada for Read more…

General Wellness

The Cost Involved!!

We had a beautiful week in Northern Canada and Simon and I attribute this to the lovely people who helped host us. In general, Canadians seem very genuine and friendly. As Australians who had left behind glorious summer sunshine, the sudden abundance of snow at times left us feeling rather Read more…

General Wellness

Will Drugs help you Sleep?

Continuing with our discussion on Sleep Deprivation and Insomnia, “Between about 5 and 10% of people are regularly using something to help them sleep,” says Professor Leon Lack, head of the Sleep Research Laboratory at Flinders University. “About 5% use prescribed hypnotic medications, another 5-10% use over-the-counter prescriptions and an Read more…

Children's Nutrition

School Lunches

Here is a health initiative I worked on with staff at the boys school, helping to inform ‘Prep parents'(1st year school parents) about healthy school lunch options… As parents, obviously we want the best for our children. It can however be difficult to keep abreast of available health information that Read more…


Candida Overgrowth

Do you have Candida? Many people unknowingly suffer with a candida overgrowth. While it is normal for some of the Candida yeast-like fungi (bacteria) to be present in the body, Candidiasis is a bacterial imbalance which then leads to a yeast infection. Soon after our third son was born-still, I Read more…