Minimising Morning Sickness

One of our team members at work has been experiencing quite severe morning sickness over the last few months. The poor love really has had a rough first trimester…. As I consider the conversations we’ve shared regarding her constant nausea, I’m allowing myself the time to reflect and remember just Read more…

Holistic Parenting

“Well” Days

I was reminded the other day of the importance of consistently teaching our children the benefits of good health. Sometimes it’s tricky reinforcing that; Being ill is not a ‘bad’ thing, because each time they do indeed get sick – their body will cleverly train its army to fight these Read more…

General Wellness


Well it has been an ‘interesting’ week for our family. I say interesting because I’ve had plenty of circumstances/scenarios arise –  to allow for some serious ‘self –observation’. This process of self-observation is the principle of analyzing my thoughts, my shortcomings and my judgements. It is the  process of taking Read more…

Children's Nutrition

Preparing for Easter

Most parents are fairly dubious about Easter. Rightly so, it’s simply one big sugar feast. Our children are given Easter eggs from their teachers, school friends, relatives, family friends, work associates, neighbours and then there’s the big fluffy guy himself. Well this year I’ve decided to do things a little Read more…