drjen-xmas2Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani is a best-selling author, award-winning chiropractor and mother of four. She was born into a long line of health practitioners, and from an early age she adopted wellness principles that would influence the rest of her life.
Dr Jennifer graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1998. She has since been awarded both the ‘Victorian Chiropractor of the Year’ and the ‘Australian Chiropractor of the Year’ in 2007. More recently Dr Barham-Floreani was awarded Woman of the Year 2011 from the World Congress of Women Chiropractors and elected to the Editorial Review Board for the Chiropractic Journal of Australia.
Today she is considered to be an expert on holistic parenting. With her husband, Dr Simon Floreani, (also a chiropractor), Dr Jennifer raises her four children with strong holistic principles. Using her own experiences as a mother and professional chiropractor, she is passionate about improving ‘health literacy’ and building parental awareness in as many forums as she can.
Dr Jennifer and her husband have been actively involved in Australian political health reform and have mentored many associate practitioners. Together they have developed an award-winning, wellness oriented health centre. Their centre unifies wellness oriented health professionals for a collaborative, service based approach for families.
They have created a team of practitioners, including chiropractors, a paediatric homeopath, a Chinese Medicine practitioner, a kinesiologist and a physiotherapist. Also available are naturopaths, masseurs, yoga teachers, life coaches, family counsellors and a midwife/lactation consultant.
Dr Jennifer is a member of the Chiropractic Association of Australia, the International Chiropractic Association Council of Paediatrics, the International Chiropractors’ Paediatric Association, as well as several other related organisations. She is also certified in the Webster Technique, a specific chiropractic technique which assists pregnant women.
Dr Jennifer and her husband donate to numerous health-oriented charities, including the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

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