Global Praise for Ticklish

Please Note: In compliance with the Australian Health Professions Registration Act 2005 the following endorsements are for the Ticklish book and Well Adjusted resources, not Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani, Chiropractor.

“Her experience is undeniable, her research impeccable, her advice easy to follow … [Ticklish is] an essential resource for any parent.”
Noni Hazlehurst A.M.

“I’ve experienced first-hand how Dr Jennifer’s knowledge and passion for vitality can change lives… Ticklish is a must-read for all parents — wonderfully practical, chock full of the latest research on child development and written by one of Australia’s best health authorities. So get tickling!”
Gorgi Coghlan
Co-host, “The Circle”, Network Ten

Ticklish is a tremendous resource for parents, rich in ideas and suggestions for protecting our children’s health… [which] beautifully reminds the reader of the importance of regularly engaging with their children and why simple rituals like laughter and tickling help our children from a neurological and emotional perspective. [Dr Jennifer] offers new research combined with wholesome parenting principles. I urge all parents to grab a copy and be inspired to parent wholeheartedly.”
Therese Kerr
General Manager, KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr

“Jennifer, It is inspiring to know what’s about to happen to those children soon to be exposed to the love, wisdom and playful learning strategies provided within your new book - Ticklish. Congratulations for making such a magnificent difference in so many family’s lives.”
Dr. John Demartini
Author of Inspired Destiny – Living a Purposeful and Fulfilling Life
Founder of the Demartini Institute

“Inspiring, affirmative and informative, Ticklish is an excellent resource for parents and nurturers of children. Powerful information is presented simply and effectively, with some wonderful strategies for cherishing, loving and developing our children. Well done and thank-you Dr Jen!”
Dr Rosemary Keating
B App Sc (Chiro), M Chiro Sc (Paed)

“Dr Jennifer has achieved the near impossible. She has taken a broad subject in child health, identified the major areas of concern and written a book that equally meets the needs of chiropractors practicing in the paediatric field and the parents of children in today’s toxic world looking for answers to critical questions. The advice Dr Jennifer offers is well researched, balanced and presented in an easy to read way. Every chiropractor and absolutely every new parent needs a copy of Ticklish on hand. I wholeheartedly recommend this great little handbook on raising healthy children in an unhealthy world. Dr Jennifer has produced a gem and we will be using it widely in our paediatric practice at Kiro Kids.”
Dr Neil J Davies
CEO, Kiro Kids p/l, Ballarat
Course Leader, MSc degree program (McTimoney College, UK)
Author, Chiropractic Pediatrics A Clinical Handbook

“Imagine where your child will go, what they can discover and become if they expressed their full potential? Ticklish helps make that dream a reality. Ticklish is a ‘how to’ encourage an enriched, supportive environment for growth and development AND blend it with old fashioned connection to family, peers and mother earth. That’s “Ticklish” and the child is the beneficiary. Changing times creates the opportunity to think differently. Ticklish is a fabulous resource for all parents, parents-to-be and child care workers.”

Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock
B.Sc., D.C., DICCP
Pediatric chiropractor, author of Pearls of Wisdom,
professional speaker and developer the Best Version of You
workshops and retreats (see

Ticklish is brilliant in its conception, and masterful in its delivery. It invites reading from the very first page, and is an outstanding resource for parents. All my families will be receiving one for Christmas. Thankyou Dr Jennifer!”
Dr David Cahil
BAppSc(Chiro) MCCA

“Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani’s book Ticklish is now my gift of choice to every new parent. This is a resource your office can provide to every parent and one I recommend all my clients purchase in bulk. This book is easy to follow, thought provoking and well researched. It covers every aspect of raising extraordinary children. As a practicing chiropractor, caring for the families with special needs children I was impressed with how compassionately and clearly Dr. Jenifer discusses these issues and concerns. This book will help families in your practice on their journey of raising healthy, happy and connected children. You are a voice of reason, now there is a book you can give parents that will reinforce, educate, support and empower.”
Dr. Shawn Powers
Power Source Coaching

“Thank you so much for writing Ticklish. It takes such a broad range of information, brings it to one place and simplifies it to the point of easy accessibility for any parent. As a chiropractor, I love your recommendations for age-appropriate stimulation of neuro-development. As a profession, we talk about being “nervous system doctors”. Ticklish helps to position us as exactly that. It makes conversations with parents about complex neurodevelopmental processes very simple. It’s saving me heaps of time in practice and more importantly, parents love reading it, kids love doing the things you recommend and families are healthier and happier because of it.”
Dr Tony Croke
Liberty Chiropractic
B.App.Sci. (Chiropractic)

“In their time, various books such as those by Spock, The Gesell Institute, Doman and others, have over the years, provided support and comfort for new parents. They have all sought to serve a purpose — whether that be one of reassurance for conscientious parents wanting to not only optimise opportunities for their children, or to seek happiness and contentment for the child, and consequently the whole family, by trying to do what they deem is best for their child… Ticklish seems to fulfil a real niche not covered in this way by the various books on child development — nor covered in such an easy to read format. This book is helpful, informative and an essential backstop reference in aiding parents with goals, natural, normal advice and with intuitive guidance to turn to. Jennifer’s text fills that role with this up-to-date, well-referenced, and researched volume.”
Peter Rome DC

Ticklish by Australian Chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani is a valuable resource for anyone planning on raising healthy children.”
Dr. Liam P. Schubel

Ticklish is as inspirational as it is informative. We have been given no greater gift or responsibility in our lives than raising healthy happy well-balanced children. As the father of three children Ticklish is an invaluable resource for me as a parent. In its simplest form Ticklish reminds us as parents to always love, nurture and spend quality time with the greatest gift we will ever receive… our children. As a paediatric chiropractor Ticklish is also invaluable. I simply refer the parents of my little patients to this wonderful resource, and they are treated to a healthy dose of sound parenting information and advice. Information and advice which is researched, well referenced and most importantly given from the heart. Quite simply I love it and I would recommend it to any parent, expected parent or anyone who works with children.”
Dr Glenn Maginness
B.App.Sc(Chiro) MCSc(Paeds)

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