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sarah-buckley “Raise healthy, capable and very well-adjusted children”

“Well Adjusted Babies is a warm, wise and comprehensive companion, offering modern parents all the support and information they need to raise healthy, capable and very well-adjusted children.”

Dr Sarah Buckley MD
Author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

john demartini “An important book for all families”

“Dr. Jennifer’s Well Adjusted Babies book provides concerned parents and caring health professionals with well-researched, essential and wholesome knowledge on important health issues, and helps them make healthy choices. It is an important book for all families.”

Dr. John F. Demartini
Bestselling author of ‘Count Your Blessings’

pinky mckay “A great read!”

“I love Well Adjusted Babies!! So wise, informative and loving. A great read! I found myself nodding YES!!!! so many times. She values and prioritises the child’s journey and needs, yet is simultaneously appreciative and empathic of modern pressures on parents.”

Pinky McKay, IBCLC
Author of 'Parenting by Heart'

brian kelly “THE must read for all parents”

“Parents and parents-to-be are looking for answers to their important questions. Dr Jennifer has assembled questions that most parents ask, and answers that will provide practical, no-nonsense solutions to raise children that are whole, balanced, healthy and happy. This book is THE must read for all parents. and still regularly refer to it for wholesome advice.”

Dr Brian Kelly
President, Life College West & International Chiropractor of the Year 2007


Somewhere along the way, health and parenting has become way too confusing. So we put 'common sense' first, blended it with holistic practitioner wisdom and research, and then jammed it all together. It fits, it works worldwide. All is well.

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