New BBB Pillow Promotion


BBBtic20% Off 2 BBB Pillows + A Complementary Ticklish Book!!

Sale Price: $175 Plus Postage

Our Original BBB Pillow is ON SALE FOR ONE WEEK ONLY.

We recommend two pillows per adjusting table so it’s easy for your female clients and pregnant Mumma’s to get comfortable and ready for their rock star adjustment.

YES, we have pillows ready to go in Australia and US (local US Shipping times). Now US Chiro’s can purchase our BBB pillows at US postage prices with US shipping time frames. (We know your’e loving this!!)

So That’s Two BBB Pillows, Usually $110 Each, For *$175 AND A Free Copy Of Ticklish!

Please proceed to your preferred store



*Please note this price does not include postage.

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