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What Our Readers Say


“An important book for all families.”

Peta Kelly, Author of “Earth is Hiring”

“It’s like a holistic wellness bible for babies. It’s thorough, grounded, and also perhaps a bit controversial depending on how you swing (I don’t find it controversial at all. I find it brilliant). Jen is a health practitioner who gives SO much to the world of healthy children and mums. It’s a big book, so read chunks at a time and keep it on hand for anything that might pop up.”

Taylor Winterstein

“Empowering mothers.”

Taylor Winterstein, Pioneer of the Tay’s Ways movement

“I wouldn’t be the empowered, confident mother I am today if it wasn’t for the wisdom and knowledge gifted to me through the chapters of Well Adjusted Babies.”

“Raise healthy, capable and very well-adjusted children.”

“Raise healthy, capable and very well-adjusted children.”

Dr Sarah Buckley MD

“Well Adjusted Babies is a warm, wise and comprehensive companion, offering modern parents all the support and information they need to raise healthy, capable and very well-adjusted children.”

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