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Jennifer Barham-Floreani

ChiropracticHello friend,

I didn’t grow up with a wise old medicine woman in the family teaching me about ancient healing remedies.

I grew up in a household that was doing its best to change its ethos around health. My father had been a radiographer and my mother a nurse, and they traveled from one side of the world to the other with a young family to study chiropractic, a health discipline grounded in the theory that health comes from within.

As the youngest of six I spent many hours in our family practice “playing boss”.

I’d lead patients to a room and talk to them while they waited for my father, asking them questions like, “Why are you here?” ,“Why have you come with her (pointing to their baby)?” I’d listen to them tell me that my Dad had helped them with their cough, their breathing, their sore back or headaches. I’d nod and think to myself, that makes sense, especially as I had been adjusted since birth. They always seemed so enthusiastic when they thanked my Dad when they’d say goodbye. Humbly he would reply, “Remember your body does all the work and healing, I just get rid of the interference.”

I’d especially love it when folks would bring their dogs or horses for my Dad to work on because it was in those moments that I’d feel just how deeply connected all living things are. I watched the innate intelligence of the animal almost tell my father what to work on or how to help it. From an early age I knew to my core that we all have strong instincts and an inner wisdom.

It’s hard to not feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions involved when planning, growing or raising another human. The burden of opinions hurled at you from well-meaning friends and family doesn’t always help. The trick is to take the time to investigate any health decision for yourself, pause, ask good questions and trust your instincts.

So, who am I to be talking to you about natural health for kids?

Have a read of my short Bio here if you like and you will see that while I have been blessed to receive lots of different international awards, I feel that my most important credential is that I am a Mom. Of all my privileges my four boys are my greatest gift.  They are the clearest manifestation of my good fortune.

I understand how worried and vulnerable parents feel, and how confusing it can be, navigating health decisions. My greatest wish for you, though, is that you become street-smart. That you assume nothing and question everything. I want you to doubt me, doubt what you know. Doubt any expert, authority, neighbour or friend. Trusting someone’s opinion or their work “unexamined” is simply convenient. It’s the mind’s equivalent to fast food, satisfying our hunger for answers with minimal effort.

But not you, I want you to do your own reading, searching and investigating well beyond this website and my products. I want you to develop the intestinal fortitude to ask good questions because the quality of your child’s health – depends on it.

If you walk into my world you agree to always discern for yourself what is true for you.

FamilyI stopped counting a long, long time ago the number of times that another parent or teacher would say to me, “My goodness, your boys are so wonderful. They just ooze health. You’re so lucky!”

Hear me on this. Luck has absolutely nothing to do with raising truly healthy, happy, children. It’s about where you place your time.

We are all time poor. If, however, we have enough of a reason to commit to fostering our kids’ health daily, then we find the time and the energy. We can stop parenting counter-intuitively and start listening to our instincts. I know whole-heartedly that nobody knows a baby or child, like his/her own Momma (and often Dad, too).

You are not alone my beautiful friend. I will provide you with solutions, options, and strategies and connect you with communities and networks so that you can further examine your options and feel empowered when raising healthy, happy, socially conscious children.

I am so glad you have chosen to learn to take care of your babes using natural approaches and common sense for common problems.  I hope that my 20 plus years of practice and researching holistic health for babies and children can be of service to you as one of your trusted voices in health care.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not glued to my email. My team will chase me up but between family life and commitments with work I can’t promise an immediate reply. X

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About Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani

Jennifer Barham-Floreani
Jennifer Barham-Floreani is an award-winning health practitioner and best selling author. Over half a million parents, practitioners and students have read Jennifer’s thought- provoking book, “Well Adjusted Babies 2nd Edition”.

As a mother of four boys, Jennifer has become an authentic guide for couples and families and she speaks around the world on common sense approaches to health, pregnancy and parenting. Through her travel, work and research Jennifer has spent time with, and learnt from, some of the greatest minds of our time.

Jennifer’s career has been dedicated to encouraging the “health literacy” of parents. She has been awarded Victorian and Australian Chiropractor of the Year, and International Woman Chiropractor of the Year (WCWC). More recently, she recently received further international awards for Outstanding Service to Chiropractic and the Being of Light Humanitarian Award. In October 2020 Jennifer resigned as a chiropractor in Australia. She no longer practices in Australia; she is however registered overseas as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

If you’ve heard about Jennifer’s work, it’s likely that you are wanting to raise resilient, vibrant, children. Chances are that you also realize that the recommended path outlined in most pregnancy and parenting books may be “expected,” but truth be told they don’t outline how we’ve buggered up the source code. Nor do they offer modern day damage control, or proactive solutions on how to preserve and strengthen our child’s long-term health.

Jennifer’s work is respectful yet thought provoking and encourages parents to define their own health culture.

Jennifer’s other books and products for parents include:

Watch Jennifer on “9am” (Video)
Find out about Jennifer’s book, Well Adjusted Babies
Contact Jennifer

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