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Somewhere along the way, health and parenting has become way too confusing. So we put 'common sense' first, blended it with holistic practitioner wisdom and research, and then jammed it all together. It fits, it works worldwide. All is well.


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Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani, Health and Wellness Advocate, Best-selling Author and International Speaker, guides parents around the globe on how to raise healthy, happy and resilent children. Times have changed and the future is somewhat bleak for our children, today’s parents need strategies on how to nurture their children’s health. Dr Jennifer regularly appears on television and writes for numerous parenting and health magazines.

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Our dynamic team of Allied Health Practitioners are committed to working together to create a Wellness Centre that meets the diverse needs of our community. We have enormous respect for each other’s expertise and wisdom and look forward to partnering with you and your family to help you achieve greater confidence in your health. Because you deserve the best.

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Only the best health ideas and advice, collated by Dr Jennifer weekly...