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Somewhere along the way, health and parenting has become way too confusing. So we put 'common sense' first, blended it with holistic practitioner wisdom and research, and then jammed it all together. It fits, it works worldwide. All is well.


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Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani, Health and Wellness Advocate, Best-selling Author and International Speaker, guides parents around the globe on how to raise healthy, happy and resilent children. Times have changed and the future is somewhat bleak for our children, today’s parents need strategies on how to nurture their children’s health. Dr Jennifer regularly appears on television and writes for numerous parenting and health magazines.

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A Detox Bath for Winter!

A friend of mine recently shared with me a “detox bath” recipe. This bath is made with a beautiful blend of ingredients, each help to draw out t...


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Coconut, Honey and Vanilla Bean Cake

I came across this beautiful recipe from naturopath and nutritionist Renee Leonard-Stainton earlier in the week and it's simply too good not to shar...



A reflection for Mother’s Day…

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “My life is a message.”   I’ve thought a lot about these words over the years. What is in fact my life’s ...



Outsourcing for Mother’s Day!

  It's funny when you over hear your child speaking their truth. My 11 year old son Quin and his friend were chatting about my cooking the oth...


Better Ways For Raising Healthier Families

Only the best health ideas and advice, collated by Dr Jennifer weekly...