100% Responsible

100% Responsible

We talked previously about allowing winter to be a time of rest and rejuvenation and how important this is for all family members.

It is equally important however, to keep in mind that even though we feel less social or have a greater need to have our family be more insular, it is critical our thoughts do not become too insular.

Slowing down does not have to mean we have to stop partaking in rituals that feed our hearts and minds.

Working with a number of clients recently I noticed how winter seems to be a time where people let their thoughts spiral down and a time where we have countless excuses for “foregoing” important self-care rituals. Myself included. There are days where I feel less inclined to get up early and do yoga and stretching, less inclined to run or mediate. Once in while there is great joy in loosening the reigns and choosing not to partake in these rituals, as long as this doesn’t become the ‘norm’.

Why,” you may ask,JoyDoes it really matter?”

Let’s start with accepting the reality that we are ultimately 100% Responsible for the Life We Lead.

As hard as that is to swallow at times, we are indeed responsible for the quality of relationships in our life, the quality of our health, in fact all aspects of our life are the direct result of the thoughts we have and the actions we take.

It then comes down to discipline, if our thoughts create our world then we must discipline them to achieve a personal ‘world view’ that reflects our grandest, greatest visions and versions of ourselves. Discipline is a practice, it is far less effective if our ‘practice’ is sporadic, temporary or ‘hit and miss’. Examples exist everywhere for this, fitness is one of the more obvious –  without consistent exercise it diminishes rapidly.

Look around you, there are people you know who have had horrific childhoods and have worked through major issues and are now wonderfully solid, inspiring human beings. People who seem to have endured unimaginable heartache and yet they get back up and continue working towards their life purpose.

We can continue to blame “something” outside ourselves for the life we lead; our parents, our boss, co-workers, clients, the economy or the GFC(Global Financial Crisis). There will always be someone or something to blame if we look hard enough. We can all find excuses for why we haven’t done something ‘to date’, made that decision, move or change. We can choose to focus on the losses or the hardship and continue to offer excuses, or alternately, we can acknowledge the power of the mind and the power we have to create the life of our dreams, the life we imagine.

Trust me, the second option, while tricky at times – is much more rewarding!

For me, I know that if I forego listening to speakers and authors who motivate me to continue to improve the world around me , then my thoughts go ‘elsewhere’. My brain will spend countless hours worrying about things in the future or the past, being frustrated with incomplete tasks or challenges and my thoughts quickly become INSULAR. I loose sight of all the gifts around, the present moment and my ego takes charge.

So, I commit to rituals that remind me that I am responsible for every aspect of my life.

Be that:

poor health or good health,

debt or wealth,

great relationships or sticky relationships,

a fulfilling and exciting vocation or “just a a job”

The list is endless….

I am either my ideal weight or I am not,

I am either happy or I am not,

I am either a wonderful partner and mother or I am not

I am either grateful (for all that we have) or I am not

The choice is mine and it all begins with my thoughts. What I focus on is what I’m manifesting or creating more of in my life.
I have heard myself saying many times in the last few weeks to myself, clients and girlfriends, ” Can you think of some rituals you could add to your day that help you feel uplifted and motivated?” Here are some of those collated ideas to use or remodel …


Committing to the following habits or rituals helps to keep me inspired, motivated and living purposefully.  Small acts that help me move back into gratitude for all the wonderful abundance that surrounds me.

Meditate for ideally 15 minutes early in the day, if it has to be later in the day this works too.Try tuning into your breath throughout the day, particularly if you feel stressed or squeezed by life. If meditating seems tiresome, which it does at times for me, challenge yourself to committing to 30 days of meditating for 15 min and see how your thoughts became much calmer and clearer.

Download something new onto my Ipod that develops and challenges me personally

Re-listen to some of my favourite motivational speakers from my Ipod

Fill the car with my favourite speakers and saturate my brain with good thoughts and content that calls me to action to continue to improve the world around me

Write a number of thank you cards

Make a point of acknowledging someone verbally

– If a situation doesn’t go to plan ask myself “what did I do to create that outcome and what do I need to do differently next time to get a different result or the result that I want?”

Ask for feedback on how I handled a situation or an event from people I respect

Read good books

Get out into the fresh air and into nature everyday

Check in on my thoughts more vigilantly

Have my nervous system checked every week

Eat wholesome, nurturing foods 90% of the time

Keep my caffeine and sugar intake low

Tell more people that I love them

Spend time with my goal books

Spend time with people who inspire me

Play more games with my boys and lighten up about life


Wishing you all love and a life of happiness and joy



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