30 Tips for Improving the Quality of Your Life

30 Tips for Improving the Quality of Your Life

There are so many wonderful things we can do to improve the quality of our life. Sometimes though it’s nice to have a few reminders…..

Here’s 30 suggestions that come to mind;
  1. Acknowledge yourself for any investment you make in your health – large or small
  2. Decide to laugh more frequently
  3. Speak tenderly and kindly to yourself. Be your own biggest fan!
  4. Plan a consistent ‘date-night’ with your partner every week or fortnight
  5. Relax about germs and dose-up on a high quality probiotic instead
  6. Eat a tremendous amount of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday (preferably organic or remove pesticides with a ‘Veggie Wash’)
  7. Exercise everyday – even if its just a walk around the block
  8. Be courageous-speak your truth
  9. Drink litres of filtered water everyday
  10. See your chiropractor regularly for greater health and wellbeing
  11. Focus on saying “thank you” more frequently
  12. Get out and rebalance your energy in nature as often as you can
  13. Give thanks to ‘spirit’ each day for all of the blessings in your life
  14. Prioritise eating more foods in their “natural” state
  15. Read something inspiring each day
  16. Turn the radio off and listen to inspiring CD’s in the car
  17. Be authentic about your emotions and feelings
  18. Buy local and ‘in-season’ foods
  19. Decide to think good thoughts and focus on what’s RIGHT in the world
  20. Learn how to reduce your carbon emissions
  21. Donate to a charity
  22. Live congruently – practice what you preach
  23. Look for opportunities to praise or compliment someone
  24. Build yourself a network of holistic health practitioners
  25. Invest in your friendships
  26. Choose to go a darker shade of green  –Reduce your Waste by Re-using Household Items and;
  27. Recycle where and when you can
  28. Plan and book a family holiday
  29. Get out into the sunshine regularly
  30. Reduce the number of chemicals you put on your skin, in your hair and down the sink
  31. Improve your health literacy by reading or by downloading talks from health experts onto your Ipod
  32. Play your favourite upbeat song more often and sing along at the top of your voice
  33. Say “I love you” more
  34. Ask good questions and think for yourself
  35. Live in the moment

Actually that makes 35 tips and there are hundreds more we could add to this list. At the end of the day this is only a list however and it is the application and consistency with which we perform these simple acts that will alter the quality of our relationships with ourselves and those we love. As always, it is the mastery of the simple little things that improves the quality of our lives.

Wishing you health and happiness,




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