Free “Mini-Vacation” For Busy Parents

Free “Mini-Vacation” For Busy Parents

This post is sent all the way from Spain from the highly skilled meditation teacher Michelle Nielson DC. Here she explains why making time for stillness has so many health benefits…

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Take a “mini-vacation” and discover the benefits of meditation

Most of us have heard of meditation and know that it can benefit us in some way. However, for many, it is categorized as an esoteric and “new-age” activity. Others, who understand its advantages, are very keen to try it, but believe it to be a complicated and time-consuming practice.

However, meditation is simply a way to rest, focus and train the mind. If you are busy parent, that mental-rest is exactly what you need to stay inspired, patient and productive.

If you are like most parents these days, you probably hit the ground running in the morning and collapse in to bed at the end of the day exhausted and overwhelmed. The thought of adding “one-more-thing” to you to-list frightens you. However, the nice thing about meditation is that you can reap the physical, mental and emotional benefits with short 5-10 minute sessions.

Think of a short meditation as a FREE mini-vacation”!

It’s a chance for you to blissfully disconnect from it all and return happy and re-charged.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with external stimulation and information, we can become disconnected with our inner self and our natural peaceful state.
Harmonious Meditation

Meditation is a simple practice that creates more awareness, peace and calm.

When we meditate, we also slow down our brain waves and enter a dream-like state of consciousness known as Alpha or Theta. It is in these states that we access our right brain, and awaken our creativity and intelligence. Many artists and geniuses speak of receiving their most profound inspiration and ideas in these states. Additionally, through meditation, we can access our normally hidden subconscious mind, and therefore have the opportunity to quickly and effectively change un-supportive thoughts, habits and beliefs.

Some people prefer to meditate in silence by focusing on their breath, others like to repeat a mantra out loud or in their mind, and many use guided audio meditations that can last from 10-30 minutes.

Even right now you can close your eyes for the next 3 minutes and put 100% of your attention on your breath. Just notice the sensation of your breath as it enters in through your nose and travels down and fills up your lungs with rejuvenating oxygen. On each exhale allow any tension or stress to flow out of you. If you can do this, then you can meditate! This will bring you into the present moment, quickly re-charge your brain and refresh your mind.

I challenge you to try this 3 times per-day during the next week and soon you will see why research has proven that meditators are indeed healthier, happier and more successful!

Enjoy and let me know how you go!  

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Yours in health and happiness…

Dr Michelle Nielsen
Author, Speaker & Chiropractor
P.S. To show you how simple and enjoyable meditation can be, I’ve recorded short Mini Meditation MP3s  for you to try. Take a listen and let me know how you go!
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Interested in a Mini Vacation?
Why not click here to take a listen!


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