How can nerve irritation effect my health?

How can nerve irritation effect my health?

In the previous blog we discussed the importance of gaining health literacy.

We explored how improving our awareness about a variety of health topics allows us to navigate our health outcomes.

There are many chiropractors who appreciate the importance of health literacy and they are committed to helping parents understand the integral role the nervous system plays in co-ordinating health.

Visual diagrams, such as the ones below cleverly designed by Wellness Practices, help demonstrate how the nervous system is the master controller of the human body. While I am not one to endorse products, tools such as these (Nervous System charts, Report of Findings Folders etc)  are invaluable for practitioners when they are demonstrating to clients the critical role our nervous system plays in keeping our bodies self regulating and self healing.
spine subluxation


This chart demonstrates clearly how the nervous system governs the function of each organ, gland, muscle and cell of the entire body.

Every thought you’ve ever had, movement you’ve ever made and sensation you’ve ever experienced has been dependent on nerve messages flowing freely throughout your body. Your brain and spinal cord are protected by your skull and the 24 movable bones of your spine.

We have discussed in many blogs how our nervous system can be likened to an information highway, one that delicately balances all bodily functions including our breathing, digestion and immune responses. Even while we sleep, our body continues to work. In fact, every minute 2.5 million cells will die and then be replaced. The human body is a magnificent machine and the nervous system is it’s method of connection and communication.

Your nervous system can be divided into three sections:

1. The central nervous system consisting of your brain and spinal cord.

2. The peripheral nervous system, incorporating cranial (head) and spinal nerves.

3. The autonomic nervous system, which oversees involuntary muscles such as your heart and can be divided again into sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

Nerve messages can be interrupted or affected by vertebral subluxations which occur when there are misalignments of one or more vertebrae. This results in altered spinal motion and impaired nerve function.

As in all aspects of life, there is a cost for poor communication.

When it comes to discussing the impact of poor neural communication – the effects are far reaching.

Subluxations not only create joint inflammation and dysfunction, but result in nerves responding in either a hyper-stimulated (over-excited) mode or in an inhibitory (slowing down) mode. Obviously this may then influence muscles, blood vessels and end organs in different ways.

Many subluxations are pain-free and we may not even realise they are present, but if they are left uncorrected the body’s capacity for health may deteriorate.
spine subluxation



Subluxations are created by physical, chemical and mental stress.

Physical stress: can range from knocks and falls to whiplash trauma and sustained postures. Even the birth process exerts pressure on the spine and nervous system and the use of forceps and ventouse can create further distress.

Chemical stress: includes anything from too much alcohol, sugar, toxins and preservatives, to breathing environmental pollutants. These toxins will upset body chemistry, disrupting the tone of both muscles and ligaments, resulting in subluxations.

Mental Stress: may result from work or relationship pressures, causing ligaments and muscles to tighten. If this stress is sustained, our body undergoes significant physiological changes, such as increased blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, cholesterol and many more.

Chiropractors determine the presence of vertebral subluxations and adjust the spine with specific techniques to allow the nervous system to express itself fully and the body to heal itself.

Chiropractic is a wonderful health enabler and plays an integral role in strengthening the health of families across the globe.
I believe it is important to establish a health framework of practitioners for our families. When establishing this health framework it is bene?cial to incorporate wellness practitioners who support and inspire our health choices. There is great comfort in having your own chiropractor, naturopath and/or homeopath available in times of health and ill health.


“A kind of super intelligence exists in
each of us, infinitely smarter and possessed of technical know-how far beyond
our present understanding.”


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