Is it time to detox?

Is it time to detox?

I heard this quote “We are only as happy as the secrets we keep” where the author was talking about how a lack of authenticity eats away at our soul.  Later I was thinking about how this related to health with the reality being that “We are only as healthy as the cells we keep.”

Take a moment to consider . Do you:

  • Wake in the morning feeling tired, counting the moments or hours until you can have an espresso?
  • Crave sugar or carbohydrates mid afternoon?
  • Seem irritable or overreact easily (even if you don’t display it)?
  • Have an endless to-do list and feel burdened by that
  • Use caffeine as an energy fix?
  • Have digestive problems such as bloating or irritable bowel

syndrome (IBS)

  • Look in the mirror and wonder when you started looking old and less vibrant
  • Need a glass of wine to relax in the evening?
  • Laugh less than you used to?
  • Thrash your body running kilometers every day, watch your calorie intake but cannot get down to your ideal weight?
  • Have mental fuzziness?
  • Mindless searching of the pantry “looking for that something” after an evening meal?

Chances are you are driven by addictions and running on a depleted, exhausted engine.

 So Why Detox?

‘Cell health’ affects every aspect of our health – our mood, our metabolism and our energy.  Our cells become unhealthy due to:

  • Too many toxins,
  • Too much sugar
  • Too many processed foods and bad fats
  • Too much stress – real emotional stress or stress induced from stimulants such as coffee – OR BOTH

Regardless of whether the cause is too much stress or too many toxins, our cells respond in the same way; they begin to function poorly and communicate inadequately. This then affects our hormones, our organ function and general well being.

It is very difficult to be kind, compassionate and patient with others as well as ourselves, when we are filling our bodies with stimulants and foods that contain very little nutritional value or when our body feels depleted and deficient.

A detox is a powerful way to RECLAIM your health. A high quality detox:

  • Removes bacteria and parasites, rids the body of toxins
  • Renews our digestive lining, nurtures and refreshes our kidneys and liver
  • Frees us from addictions and allows us to invest in our long-term health and amp up our NATURAL energy

The 6-week program we are recommended is the Ultimate Body Floss.

Cleaning and cleansing vital organs, enabling us to feel vibrant and in charge of our health again.

 What Would I Need To Do?

High quality detox products kick start the process but you will also need to
– Eat home made non-processed whole foods
– Consume loads of seasonal vegetables, lean meat  & fish (optional), nuts & seeds,
– Refrain from grains, cut out refined sugars and caffeine
– Drink lots of water and herbal teas

Here are some great healthy ideas to consider:

  • Swapping your morning coffee for a liver cleansing vegetable juice with beetroot, carrot, celery, parsley & ginger – your body will love you for it!
  • Swap your grains for more vegetables or salads
  • Exchange your evening alcoholic beverage with a soda, lemon, lime & fresh mint.
  • Start each morning with half a squeezed lemon into a little water to kick-start your digestion and cleanse.



$250.00 per person, includes 6 metagenics products and

detox guide


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