Improving Health Literacy

I have been asked many times what I am most passionate about and I have previously elaborated on how I believe all children deserve to be as healthy as their genetic capacity possibly allows. As asthma, allergy, ADHD and diabetes rates escalate it is my every wish that more and more children are able to have confidence in their health. In A Clear Nervous System I discuss how good function of the nervous system plays an integral role in our overall health.
A lack of proper nerve function is one way our children’s health may be compromised. Physical and emotional traumas affect their health potential as do chemical insults through diet and environment. 1As a mother I am extremely passionate about helping other parents or carers improve their health literacy.
What do I mean by this exactly??
When an individual improves their health literacy on any health topic they gain greater awareness. From this awareness they then move forward with confidence to ask questions and seek further knowledge or advice or they make empowered choices that best suit their needs
…both with the long term objective of strengthening their health and the health of their children.
Most often through ‘awareness’ people realise the importance and benefit of asking GOOD questions. In fact, the quality of our health is determined by the quality of healthy questions we ask ourselves and our health practitioners. By developing an inquiring mind we define our family’s health culture. Personally for my family this involves establishing a team of holistic wellness oriented practitioners that we utilise in times of health and ill-health, being an avid reader and keeping up-to-date with web resources.
As we become more selective about our choices as a health consumer, we become more motivated and inspired to learn more about ‘real health’. We source further information on other important health topics and so the cycle continues, all the while were empowering ourselves with knowledge. In additional to this we learn how to navigate our family’s health outcomes.
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