Creating a value driven Checklist

Creating a value driven Checklist

In the previous blog we discussed why it is important to consider our highest values in life. This is a great process and one that really helps to put things into perspective, remembering that we are the creative force in our lives.

With all of this in mind I decided recently that I would like to create myself a Weekly Checklist, as I have a Checklist for the boys, I thought it would useful to have a chart that I tick off (just like the boys) when I fulfill tasks relating to my highest values.

WHY?? You may ask…

Well I believe that I have been fairly good to date at living my life congruently. Particularly when making big decisions or when contemplating the impact work commitments will have on my family etc. This year however, I want to really deepen my commitment to my values – hence the checklist.

Being married to someone who has a busy calender, having four children and three business’s on the go, I must say that a week can go by very quickly. Some weeks I find I can miss, unintentionally, wrestling on the trampoline, playing board games or telling my favourite people what I love and appreciate about them.  The week is over before I realise.

A list like this also helps me be really clear about whether I am being “present.” You’ll see below that one of my commitments is that I (or Simon) take one of my boys on a date each week. Just the two of us for a short period of time, where we can chat about whatever they wish to chat about. Mind you, I am always amazed how the conversation with my eldest two, even at 10 and 8 years old, steers itself towards sex education, already!

Fortunately our 6 year old just wants to talk about all the simple things he’d like to do other than going to school (and I’m happy with that….). Anyway this week I made a really poor effort with our eldest’s date. In my haste to get a few odd types of shopping done, I managed to coerce my ten year old to eat an ice-cream with me (a rare thing) while we shopped. Now on reflection I will admit that was not a date. The shop assistant might have enjoyed listening in on our chit-chat, but I can’t say I was really wholeheartedly explaining “why it is that you don’t get pregnant every time you have sex”. Perhaps next time..

Here are some of the items on my Weekly Checklist (these are tabulated Monday through to Sunday like any other type of chart) that help remind me of the little things I can do to live my life with greater congruency.
– Before getting out of bed in the morning each day spend 5 minutes (at least) Giving Thanks for  all of the abundance in my life.
– Meditate (for 10 – 30 minutes) 4-5 times a week
– Sit and eat breakfast with my family as often as I can ( rather than whilst I make school lunches).
– “Active listen” as much as I can possibly bear!! (ie: Listen, listen, listen..repeat back and with permission relay my thoughts).
– Stretch (for 10-15 minutes) 4 times a week (at least twice with my boys).
– Exercise (cardio or strength work x 6 sessions).
-Listen to  something educational or inspiring for 15-20 min (at least 3 times).
– Sit down and cuddle the boys as I listen to them relive their day.
– Tell Simon and my boys “What I love, admire or appreciate about them” as often as I can. Tell them I believe in them.
– Play board games with the boys minimum twice a week .
– Review my goal board ( at least 4 times) look through my goal book (once a week).
– Play on the trampoline minimum three times.
– Go on a date with one of my little boys (alternating) each week.
– Go on a date with Simon each week (some weeks this may mean baby Arlo accompanies us).
– Make up wild make believe stories to tell my boys.
– Read for 10 min (minimum) a day.
– Have a family session of writing birthday cards and thank you cards.

Some weeks are great and I can tick these items off easily. Other weeks I may be like a bear with a sore head. Generally though, if I am unable to tick off many actions by day three, then I’ll realise my ‘stinking thinking’ isn’t getting me terribly far. Plus the boys like to hold me accountable. THERE IS NO ESCAPE!!!

. . . . .

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