Five Easy Ways to Double Your Health and Vitality

Five Easy Ways to Double Your Health and Vitality

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Here’s a post from one of our wonderful contributors that also appeared in the Huffington Post this week.

Five Easy Ways to Double Your Health and Vitality

Let me ask you a question:
“What controls everything in your body?”

Hopefully, you answered the brain – that amazing computer in your skull that is made up of hundreds of billions of nerve cells. Every second of every day, your brain is sending and receiving thousands of messages in order to control and co-ordinate every organ, tissue, cell and muscle in your body. Therefore, if you want your body to be functioning at 100%, it is essential that your body’s communicating system, the nerve system be in top condition to keep these messages flowing at 100%.

If we take a closer look at the nerve system – (the body’s communicating system) – we notice a series of intricate and well-designed wires leading in many different directions. To the untrained eye it would seem chaotic, but the body knows what to do every time, one hundred percent of the time, provided there is no interference. There are thousands upon thousands of nerves, all of which come together at the base of the skull to form the spinal cord. There are thirty-three pairs of nerves coming from the cord itself and each branches with other nerves in order to innervate all the cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body. This then creates one hundred percent coordinated function, which further enables the expression of health to take place.

NervesIf we look closely at the cellular level we see twelve different nerve fibers innervating it. Remember, this is only at the cellular level. Furthermore, there is an average of 100,000 synaptic endings for every nerve fiber. There are, therefore, over 1.2 million nerve endings that are constantly hooking up in various intricate ways to innervate one cell. The body truly is ingenious in design and the more I learn about it the more I am humbled by the intelligence that runs it.

The spinal cord itself is an extremely delicate structure and therefore needs protection. The wisdom of the body decided to encase the most delicate structure of all in a moveable bony structure called the skull. The wisdom – the innate intelligence – didn’t stop at encasing just the brain but also realized the cord and initial part of the nerves needed protection, and so further developed the individual moveable bones (vertebra) of the spinal column.
Now that we know how intricate the system is, you probably have also figured out the importance of keeping the communication system free of interference so that proper functioning and expression of health can take place.

Remember, nature needs no help, just no interference.- Dr. Sarah Farrant Family Health Expert


Here are 5 tips to keep your nerve system and therefore, your body healthier and stronger:

Take action with these 5 tips and I’ll bet you can double your health in 90 days!

1)Decrease the stress in your life: stress promotes the secretion of damaging hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin. Review your daily routine and look for non-essential activities that you can drop and consider widening your time frame on any current projects in order to decrease the pressure you’re perhaps putting yourself under.

2)Avoid stimulants e.g. excessive caffeine, nicotine & psychoactive drugs: these over-excite and then fatigue your nerve system.

3)Take good care of your spine: through improved posture, chiropractic, yoga and regular exercise. Due to its close proximity, a healthy spine is essential for a healthy nerve system.

4) Meditate Daily to produce the powerful brain states known as alpha and theta that rejuvenate your brain and allow it to rest properly. Meditation can easily be incorporated into your daily routine and you can reap the health benefits with as little as 15 minutes per day.

Relax5)Get plenty of sleep: your brain and nerve system need plenty of down- time in order to get rid of and replace damaged cells. By getting good quality 8 hours of sleep per night, you are ensuring that your “cell-factory” and hence nerve system are functioning at their best.

Remember, a healthy nerve system will give you a healthier body allowing you to experience more energy, vitality and a stronger immune system so that you can enjoy your life to it’s fullest.
By Dr. Michelle Nielsen – Meditation and Wellness Expert and Dr. Sarah Farrant – Family Health Expert

All photos and images used with permission and license from FOTOLIA.
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