Celebrating the Wellness Event that is Birth

Celebrating the Wellness Event that is Birth

MAMA logoWe have had lots of interest about the benefits of working with private midwives so here is a beautiful post from Jan Ireland and Mama’s group.

—Jennifer Barham-Floreani


Birth is a Wellness Event

It is a testament to the beauty and wonder of birth, that after being present at thousands of births, I still bear witness to moments of absolute joy, wonder and sexiness over and over again. It is very humbling.
BirthPregnancy and birth is a magnificent event. It is positive, joyous, arduous and centered around the woman and her child. ‘She’ is the goddess and her experience of pregnancy, birth & early parenting are intertwined, if the right team is gathered to shape the space for the woman and support her wishes. Only then can the experience be powerful and, empowering.

The acquisition of these moments through an appropriate care model, should be a defining decision-making point for pregnant women and their families. At MAMA, we pride ourselves on delivering and ensuring that women, no matter what their birth outcome, have a positive and empowering experience.

While we work as a team of Midwives, from varied backgrounds, we share these central philosophies:

  • Pregnancy and birth are a function of being a woman. Something a woman is born to do and therefore, she can do it.
  • Birth as a wellness event whereby mother, baby and family are actively involved, in both mind and body. This is an event that signifies transition and powerful connections.
  • Women are not alone in their pregnancy and birth experience. They have Midwives and Doctors as support, Partners as emotional and experiential support and babies as the passenger on the birth journey.
  • Monitoring of mother and baby’s health throughout pregnancy is an important and, necessary measure to ensure safety, adequate support and appropriate birth plans.

These core tenants of our practice combine to create a birth support team, environment and care model that fulfill a woman’s individual needs and promotes the fruition of a happy journey from pregnancy to motherhood. Previous MAMA clients have eloquently captured their wonderful birth journeys. Read more about them in this blog post and in facebook.

I believe every woman is capable of having a positive, enjoyable birth experience like those shared. We look forward to sharing in many more empowering births and watching the transformation from woman to mother, man to father and bump to baby.

It is time to shift the paradigm and mainstream attitudes towards birth. Educating women and those around them that, like breathing, giving birth is something innate within us, and in those crucial moments, your body knows what to do. By empowering women, and letting their wonderful stories flow through the synapses of life, we will encourage the mind to catch up to the body, and in turn, inspire women to take it on, feel it and enjoy it!

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