GM Food: Our Right To Know

GM Food: Our Right To Know

Just a brief piece letting you all know that you can sign a petition that is being sent to the Federal government to implement strict labelling of food containing genetically modified ingredients.

For the first time, genetically modified (GM) food crops are being grown in Australia, as soon as October these new crops will be ready for harvest. This poses great risk to the environment and human health.

Currently there is no way for shoppers to ensure that their groceries are GM free, as labelling is not required for most products containing GM ingredients.

According to Greenpeace – Australians want GM food labelled for health, environmental and ethical reasons.

They continue ….”The Federal Government has so far failed to deliver on its policy commitments. Last year the Federal ALP promised not to approve the release of GM crops unless they could be proven safe “beyond reasonable doubt”. The ALP’s National conference last year also supported the “comprehensive labelling of genetically modified food”.

Canola is used in many foods and in animal feed. With NSW and Victoria now allowing GM canola to be commercially grown for the first time, the Federal Government needs to deliver on these promises urgently.
Sign the petition to the Federal Minister for Health and Aging, the Honourable Nicola Roxon asking that all GM foods are clearly labelled, including highly processed products such as oils, starches and sugars from GM crops; and meat, milk, cheese and eggs from animals fed GM feed.

Consider sending a quick note to friends linking them to:
to help raise awareness.



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