pregnancy booksKnown as “the new parenting bible”, this Australian Best-Seller written by Jennifer (Bach. Chiropractic, Bach. App Clinical Science
Registered internationally, no longer practicing as a chiropractor in Australia.) offers the most unique collation of cutting-edge information and knowledge on holistic parenting — all in the one book!

If you’re looking for pregnancy books, Well Adjusted Babies is a unique guide for holistic parenting from pregnancy through to early childhood that every parent should own. This Best-Selling book focuses on health-related issues and what Jennifer Barham-Floreani describes as “the variables that may affect your child’s inherent potential”.


Discover Jennifer’s well-researched, easy-to-read information about…

Improving Fertility
Self-Care During Pregnancy
Meeting Your Physical/Emotional Needs
Techniques to Ease the Pain of Labour
How to Have a Safe, Natural Birth
Breastfeeding, Formulas and Colic
First Foods for Babies
Tips for partners and birth teams
Minimising Harmful Toxins
Alternatives to Pharmaceutical Drugs
The Benefits of Chiropractic
How to Guide Your Child’s Development
Wholesome dietary habits for the Family
And MUCH More…

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Reader Reviews

“THE must read for all parents”

“Parents and parents-to-be are looking for answers to their important questions. Jennifer has assembled questions that most parents ask, and answers that will provide practical, no-nonsense solutions to raise children that are whole, balanced, healthy and happy. This book is THE must read for all parents.”
—Dr Brian Kelly (President, New Zealand College of Chiropractic & International Chiropractor of the Year 2007)

“The answer to our [children’s] health challenges”

“Well Adjusted Babies is innovative in its natural approach; a book that every parent, potential parent and health care practitioner must read. From the first paragraph to the last page, Dr. Jennifer shares information and insights based on her professional knowledge and personal experience as a doctor and mother. If the masses read this book and followed the suggestions, in less than a decade we would have a healthy generation – yes, you read correctly and I mean that sincerely. This book is the answer to our health challenges, and the solutions must begin with how we care for and educate our children.”
—Dr. Gilles Lamarche (Vice President Parker College of Chiropractic)

“Raise healthy, capable and very well-adjusted children”

“Well-Adjusted Babies’ is a warm, wise and comprehensive companion, offering modern parents all the support and information they need to raise healthy, capable and very well-adjusted children.”
—Dr Sarah Buckley MD (Author Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering)

“An important book for all families”

“Dr. Jennifer’s Well Adjusted Babies book provides concerned parents and caring health professionals with well-researched, essential and wholesome knowledge on important health issues, and helps them make healthy choices. It is an important book for all families.”
—Dr. John F. Demartini (Bestselling author of ‘Count Your Blessings – The Healing Power of Gratitude & Love’)

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Best-Selling W.A.B. is now in it’s Second Edition

Well Adjusted Babies is a unique guide for holistic parenting from pregnancy through to early childhood. Focussing on health-related issues and what Jennifer Barham-Floreani describes as “the variables that may affect your child’s inherent potential”.
Astounded by the lack of information on chiropractic, particularly in books relating to parenting, Jen (as many colleagues and clients know her) wrote this book for parents, chiropractic clients and fellow practitioners.
The Second Edition of Well Adjusted Babies includes additional chapters, published case studies throughout and the latest health research.

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