The Big Idea

The Big Idea

People often wonder why it is that chiropractors get so excited about the connection between the mind and the body or why we are so passionate about the impact that a “well-tuned” nervous system can have on our lives – so I thought I would share with you two philosophical pieces written by the developers of chiropractic.

Most Allied or Complementary Health professionals acknowledge the Innate Intelligence (discussed below and in the “Teaching Your Children about Innate” blog which controls, coordinates and motivates human function and their techniques arespect this vital life giving force.

According to Deepak Chopra M.D, “All disease results from a disruption of the flow of intelligence.”


What is the Big Idea?

“The big idea is that there is an innate intelligence within you.

This intelligence animates, motivates, heals, coordinates and inspires you.

It is the power that made you, it is the power that heals you.

It is the power that gives you the inspiration to do something differently.To go down the road in a different way than you usually go down.

It is the power that opens you up to chaos, to the change that allows you to meet your perfect mate.

It is the power that says don’t eat this, or eat this instead.

It is the power that mends broken bones and mends a broken heart.

It is the power that puts you on target with what you need to do in this life.

The big idea is that this power can be interfered with at the spinal level and that adjustments, gentle touches with the hands called chiropractic adjustments, can free this power which functions through, over and within the nervous system, so that the nervous system can coordinate the intelligence of your body through the spinal system.

That is the Big Idea.”

A Small Thing.

“A slip on the sidewalk, in the winter, is a SMALL thing. It happens to millions. A fall off a ladder, in summer, is a SMALL thing. This happens to millions. The slip or fall subluxates an atlas or axis. That specific subluxation is a small thing. The atlas or axis produces pressure upon the brain stem, with its trillions of fibers. That pressure is a SMALL thing. This specific pressure produces interferences and reduces flow of life force. That decreased flow is a SMALL thing. That decreased quantity flow of mental impulse supply produces a specific dis-eased brain or body. THAT is a BIG thing to THAT person. Multiply THAT man by a thousand, and you control the physical and mental welfare of a city. Multiply THAT man by a million and you shape the physical and mental destiny of a state. Multiply THAT man by 120 million and you forecast and prophesy the mental and physical status of a nation.

“So, the slip or the fall; the creation of an odontoid specific subluxation, consequent pressure, reduce flow of mental impulse and dis-ease IS BIG enough to control the thoughts and actions of a nation.”

“Now comes a man; and any one man is a SMALL thing. This man gives a specific adjustment upon the specific subluxation; and that adjustment is a SMALL thing. The adjustment replaces the odontoid specific back in normal alignment, and that is a SMALL thing. The adjusted subluxation releases pressure upon nerves; and that is a SMALL thing. The released pressure restores health to A man, and THAT is a BIG thing to THAT man. Multiply THAT man by a thousand men, and you step up the physical and mental welfare of a city. Multiply THAT man by a million, and you increase the efficiency of a state. Multiply THAT well man by 120 million, and you produce a healthy, wealthy, better race for posterity, in a nation.

“Man is a SMALL thing, worlds considered. An axis vertebra is small, man considered. The odontoid process, on an axis, is small. An atlas is SMALL, man considered. The neural canal, in an atlas, is also SMALL. Yet, that axis odontoid process, small as it is; crowding in upon the atlas neural canal, small as it is, acts as a governor to the destiny of man’s thots and functions; for it, in normal position permits a free flow, or in subluxation interferes with a free flow of all that force with which man thinks and acts. Man lives when he CAN think and act. Man dies when he CEASES to create thought and perform motion. Man becomes sick when thought and function are below par. Therefore, the inter-magnum-atlas foramen or the odontoid process may be a SMALL thing, but it is the BIGGEST thing in man.

“So, atlas or axis specific adjustment of the inter-magnum atlas foramen or odontoid specific subluxation, to release pressures upon the nerves, to restore normal quantity impulse flow, to restore health IS BIG enough to rebuild the thoughts and actions of the world.”
– Dr. B.J. Palmer, Developer of Chiropractic

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