Tis the Season to Reflect

Tis the Season to Reflect

Christmas is a funny time isn’t it?

The year comes to end, we join with family and friends and sometimes if we are not careful we
embark on the New Year having not caught our breath.

I have spent quite a bit of time recently reflecting about the year that has passed. Pondering the rituals or events that have delighted me and the rituals I would like to shift and change. The blessings that have come our way and how we resolved sticky moments.

Life is full of blessings and as Simon and I were arranging this holiday to come and join with family, we chuckled at how family relations can feel a little estranged. For us we alternate family Christmas’s, which means that sometimes we only see certain family and extended family, once every 2 years. Sometimes we see them for only the one day in 2 years and I must say it is a little odd!!! Always civil, but odd.

While I sat pondering how bizarre these dynamics are, without attachment or judgement, merely amused, a wave of deep gratitude over-came me for all of the dear friends we have. Simon and I are extremely blessed to have some very, very special people with whom we spend regular time, dear friends who share in the ebb and flow of our life. Loved ones who classically I suppose “are not family” and yet celebrate our successes wholeheartedly and care for us so deeply when we feel “squeezed” by life. For me, this is what family is really about. They know us intimately and for this we feel extremely fortunate.

At this time of year Simon and I like to take a little time to think these types of things, about what the present year has meant for us and what we would like to move towards with the New Year. We try to make the time to reflect, to pause.

Here are a few examples for those of you who feel inspired to do the same when you read this.

Delights of the Year -individually, as a couple or as a family. The events, moments, accomplishments or rituals we could acknowledge or celebrate a little more than we probably did at the time.

When you think about it, most of us have achieved some amazing things yet often these significant moments do not matter that much to others in our life and so it is important that we take the time to acknowledge ourselves, give ourselves a pat on the back, a round of applause or celebrate in someway.

A few things that come to mind that have delighted me this year include:

– making the time to develop deeper friendships and relationships.
– holding onto myself and being able to stand on the brink of manifestation without frustration (and with less impatience than other years), trusting that God is my co-creator and staying in wonder and optimism about what is unfolding for us.
– developing our team (with their goals and through challenges).
– that the boys have become avid, passionate readers.
– that the boys have become inspired musicians, playing frequently of their own accord.
– revamping/refurbishing our practice.
– developing new ‘well adjusted’ products.
– launching the book overseas.
– mastering my thoughts more consistently.

Work in Progress – such as unhelpful activities, habits that need to be dismantled or rituals that I have abandoned.

Here a few things that I consider “works in progress” , including:

– making the time to embrace my groom more.
– learning to slow down and step into the moment more often – even when feeling restricted by time.
– learning to fine-tune my intentions or requests to the universe.
– instilling in the boys a greater ‘desire to be true’ rather than being ‘good’…one of our boys has taken a liking to telling long ‘porky pies’, in short, lying.
– to laugh more often.
– enjoying loved ones more.
– to be a consistent role-model, someone who speaks and acts with both my heart and mind, i.e. someone who is consistently brave and authentic when communicating.
– making stretching a priority.

Just a few examples to get you thinking as we move towards a new year.

Simon and I would like to wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas. May it be a time filled with love, awareness and deep gratitude.

We also wish you every success for 2010.

We would also like to thank you all for your lovely emails, your custom and your support this year.

Merry Christmas and love to you all

Jennifer and Simon



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