Cause and Effect of Thoughts

Cause and Effect of Thoughts

Life has been very good to me. I was born the youngest of six children, at a time when my parents were eagerly partaking in lots of personal development. My parents guided and encouraged me to aim high and to set many goals. It’s a wonderful childhood indeed when your outlook is quite simply abundance and gratitude.

I also feel fortunate to have developed many good habits over the years but as I mentioned in the previous blog, the last few months have been rather comical. We talked about wanting others to fix our problems and with this blog I wish to talk about the power of ….                                                                                                   thought.

Good habits are fabulous, yet like everything else when we do not pay regular attention to something, even good habits can dwindle into mere good intentions. Back in August I was chatting to a Mum who has four girls, who runs her own business from home (are you seeing any similarities here?) and she said to me that she had decided to have the month off work.

What a fabulous idea I thought to myself.

After months of writing articles any spare moment I could find and working on new products in the wee hours of the morning I thought this was a superb idea – simply ingenious!

It was almost as if she’d said to me – “Jen you know you don’t have to do it all, family and work. You can be truly happy focusing on meeting the needs of everyone in your family.’

So in my tired state I convinced myself as I drove home that it would be wonderful not to be trying to juggle it all, but rather to have our home as my main focus.  As I cooked dinner I envisioned myself with all the time in the world, time to iron even (and enjoying ironing – ironing is something I normally avoid at all costs.) I day dreamed for many days about having time to organise unkept cupboards, trying recipes that I’d been putting off, reading novels I’d shelved for years etc, etc. I created a fantasy in my head about what life would be like should I choose to give up work for a period of time.

In my head I’d say things like, “Oh imagine, I could be focus on being the housewife of the year!!” or “I could be the new Martha Stewart” (oops there I go again trying to over-achieve).

When we are anxious or tired our thoughts have a habit of repeating themselves over and over. As you think, you tend to feel. So for about a month I moved out of gratitude for the work that I do and love, and spent time pinning for a life of sweet domestics.

Now as my husband jokes, I’m a quick manifester – within the month the lady who would come and clean our house (you know for all the major jobs -toilets, showers, ironing etc) , broke her shoulder and our beloved Lisa who came every Wednesday so that I could work, sadly had to finish up. So both sources of help stopped almost immediately and I was left with the sweet aroma of little boys urine from one bathroom to the next!!

My point here is – Watch Your Thoughts!!!

Your world will always mirror your thoughts and beliefs.

About a week later I was in hysterics on the phone with a girlfriend, chuckling heartily about what I had created in my life. In fact for the next few weeks I chuckled, then the chuckle became more of giggle and as the weeks of domestic bliss turned into months, I stopped giggling and began to master the sneer.

As my work for our US trip piled up I had to clarify (and with haste) exactly where I wanted and needed to spend my time.  In a nut shell – we had to get SERIOUS about hiring some SERIOUS help!!!

So after 3 months of domestic blisters (I hate ironing!) and not domestic bliss, our family are hopefully back on track. With a mother in check who is very happy to watch her thoughts and watch what she is manifesting.

Our thoughts are self-made.

We create each of our thoughts and so too we create our world. None of us can escape the results of our thoughts. I fell out of the habit of watching my mind and so I fell exactly where I had invested my thoughts.

As James Allen said

Whatever your present environment may be, you will fall, remain or rise with your thoughts, your vision, your ideal.

You will become as small as your controlling desire, as great as your dominant aspiration.

I welcome that voice in my head that whispers, “Come on girl you can do this, stay focused on the task at hand, one thing at a time baby, sleep is over rated” for she is the determined little minx that has brought many a great delight to my life. She is quick to delete negative thoughts and quicker again to celebrate when I reap the rewards of being in the moment. She’s my greatest fan when I make the boys laugh hysterically and my groom smile wickedly. She is well versed in keeping me motivated and optimistic.

I also welcome however, the feeling and longing in my heart that reminds me when it is time to slow down, and when it is time to get centred.

Life is always a balance of mastering our thoughts and yet being able to live our life through our hearts not our minds.



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