A Cost Effective Easter

A Cost Effective Easter

Goodness how quickly this year is flying by.

I love Easter time. For us, Easter is always a time to check-in with how we are navigating the year to date and to take the time to reflect and “breathe-in” the true meaning of Easter. We talk to the boys about Easter meaning new beginnings, new awareness, and a time of celebration for life itself. A time to remind and ask ourselves that “wherever” we are with projects, plans etc are we celebrating the little things and living with as much gratitude as we would intend or desire?

Easter is also a time to catch up with extended family and obviously it is time where we all indulge in chocolates, sweets and treats. With previous Easter blogs I have chatted about incorporating other focus’s during Easter and there is great merit to these. Preparing for Easter and Easter again!

These principles of buying “quality products and chocolates” are just as pertinent even in times of economic crisis. When considering what sort of chocolates to buy, I like to recommend buying the best quality chocolate and Easter food items that you can. If this feels like a compromise perhaps consider what you might spend on alcohol or clothes and apply the principle that a high quality, nutrient loaded chocolate is infinitely better than a box of poor quality, refined sugar and preservative overload.

If you really hold the belief that you LOVE chocolate then the small dose of rich dark chocolate will fill the need for a true chocolate lover and the person trying to fill an emotional void will never be satisified, even if they consume a crate full.  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful new beginning to discuss with our children how the easter bunny wants us to enjoy a small high quality chocolate egg or bunny this year to really taste the rich flavours of the coco bean and savour it in our mouths, delight in the richness it gives the taste buds.

Then distinguish the difference between a sugar hit from cheap chocolate that makes us fly off in a tizz and feel jumpy inside. The two experiences are totally different and the first is a whole lot healthier than the second.

Another new beginning SImon and I have taken into our heart at Easter is to examine why it is we feel the need to spoil our children with sweets and treats at Easter????.  Each time it comes back to a learned behaviour we adopted from many years of social conditioning.  Like Christmas, it is a wonderful time to reflect on what we want to pass forward as tradition.  Is Easter and Christmas a time to love and share quality time with the people we cherish, or another excuse/reason to over indulge?

Anyway it is all food for thought – parden the pun!

Love to you and yours this Easter,

Jennifer Barham-Floreani
Bach. Chiropractic, Bach. App Clinical Science
Registered internationally, no longer practicing as a chiropractor in Australia.

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