Sleep Easy Whilst Pregnant

Sleep Easy Whilst Pregnant

How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.sleep
Spanish Proverb

Some pregnant women need to “bossed” into prioritising rest and sleep. So I am going to boss all the pregnant women (and any weary mothers for that matter) to make time for “Day Sleeps” or “Nanna Naps”,  and just lie down and ‘take a load off” periodically throughout the day.

Even during early pregnancy your baby deserves to have you resting your body when you are fatigued. Don’t just wait until you have a big tummy to feel justified to rest and sleep. Whenever you lie or sit down you increase the amount of blood flow to your baby.

As your pregnancy progresses, your body will not allow you to lie on your back as this puts more pressure on your aorta. As you lie on your side, place a small pillow underneath your big, beautiful pendulous belly (i.e. between your belly and the mattress). This helps to prevent the weight of your baby pulling your pelvis forward. Then place another small pillow between your knees to assist correct alignment of your spine and pelvis.

Interestingly, women who prioritise rest and sleep during pregnancy often have children who sleep plentifully.

Don’t take my word for it, ask around. Children who sleep really well at night and continue to love day sleeps into early childhood in my experience have mothers WHO HAD REGULAR DAY SLEEPS DURING THEIR PREGNANCY. Now I can’t support that with research (maybe I could… but I haven’t looked), so do your own survey, you’ll be fascinated with how sleep patterns unfold. In hindsight I wish I rested much more, I wish someone had bossed me around, told me the world won’t stop even if I did!!

If you have difficulty sleeping, some of the following suggestions may be beneficial:

  • Have your spine and nervous system checked. Many expectant mothers choose chiropractic as a proactive form of healthcare because it may help a woman’s body cope with all of the physical and chemical changes that occur during pregnancy.
  • Chinese medicine, acupuncture and naturopathy also offer wonderful support for the changing needs of a pregnant woman.
  • Aromatherapy Oils such as Mandarin, Lemon, Sandalwood or Neroli oils can be useful (Lavender and Chamomile are not recommended during pregnancy).
  • Teas to relax and promote sleep are Limeflower, Lemon Balm or Rosehip (during pregnancy, avoid teas or supplements containing fennel, passionflower, cinnamon, chamomile oil or hops).
  • Homeopathics- Suggested Homeopathics include Nux Vomica 6c if you are irritable and feel unrefreshed, Arnica 6c if you can’t get comfortable and Coffea 6c if your mind is over-active (confirm these with a homeopath and take the recommended dosage half an hour before going to bed).

Rest and enjoy this time……

. . . . .


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