Slowing Down the End of Year Haste

Slowing Down the End of Year Haste

Lilly Tomlin, Actress and Comedienne

Interestingly, when I was walking early this morning, my dominant meditative thought was “Thank you Lord, for helping me to be a calm and present partner and mother.” I then observed how those few words struck my core like a nasty blow to the stomach.

How in fact, they seemed to forcibly and quickly recalibrate and prioritise my conscious mind. I felt like, for just a moment, spirit was taking the opportunity to slap me around. Fortunately, this time I must have been listening so I didn’t have to also trip over the dog or a pot hole to recognise that my focus was “a little off track.”

With all the end of year haste it can be tricky to not loose sight of our highest values. Possibly like you all, we seem to have let our social calendar claim a life of its own. Between our Practice Christmas party, Team Christmas party, Christmas shopping, school concerts, school orientations, finishing off a ‘parenting’ course, final talks for the year, weddings, packing for an interstate Christmas etc- quite honestly it has been a real struggle to stay centred amidst all the haste.

Although I will say, Simon and I have delegated tasks a lot more than previous years and we have made a sincere effort this festive season, to focus on our connection with our team and patients. We could however, certainly learn to decline invitations a little more often.

I reminded myself that all is well in my house and my heart when I return to the discipline of meditation. Through meditating and acts of gratitude my connection to the world is always much deeper. Why is that when we are busy we forget some of these vital steps?

For me “a life of hurry” is a superficial one. I simply rush around, skim the surface and fail to make real connections with my family and friends. I convince myself of the importance of other demands in life. Yet the success and the survival of these precious relationships depends entirely on the “time” that I give them.
Oh life is such a bizzare thing!!!

My wish is that we may all stay peaceful and centred in our hearts during this busy time of year. That we are able to focus on our families rather than the demands of our “to do lists.” That we remember to be grateful for the abundance we all share through the festive season and stay ever humble before the frailty of life.

My love, respect and best wishes to you all,




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