Waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to fix it!!

Waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to fix it!!

child doing yoga stretchesThe last few weeks have been comical on many levels.

Comical because in sheer exasperation, I have decided to watch my thoughts and look at exactly what it is I have been manifesting and creating in my life. I’ll elaborate on ‘thought-processes’ in the next blog but for now I wish to share with you the delight you can have in looking for the MIRRORS in your world. Whenever anyone frustrates or challenges you it is said that this ‘charge’ is created because they are reflecting back to you something that bugs you about yourself. Often we think we are just far too sophisticated to have such a problem or issue ourselves.

Just the other night I found myself annoyed with one of our boys because for the fourth night in a row he pleaded with me to adjust him and massage his legs.

To keep this brief, we generally check the boys for subluxations (or nerve dysfunction) once a week, unless they have had a knock or a fall, or if they are fighting a bug or cold etc. This generally keeps them in ‘tip- top’ shape (along with being a ‘food nazi’ and watching what they eat of course!), so my frustration had been that I had adjusted Wilem the day before, massaged his legs each night and yet in his weary end-of-term state, he began grizzling again (which is not at all like him) that his legs and back were still aching.

Now Wilem is the type of kid who would play football, soccer then football again all day everyday if you’d let him. In fact he tells me that if he could sleep whilst he played this would be a highly efficient use of his time!

He’s sport crazy.

We have therefore had many conversations about how the body’s muscles can become tight, sore and ‘lactic’ if they are worked hard by that much exercise and no stretching. We have discussed the benefits of stretching and yoga poses and he can do ‘downward dog‘ with the best of them.

So when he yelled out (as I tried to get his younger brothers off to sleep), “Mum my legs are killing me! Can you adjust me? Can you massage them?”

I found myself going into his room and asking, “So darling, how much time have you spent stretching in the last few days?”

“None,” was his sheepish nine year response.

“When I hear you asking me to work on your body, which I am happy to do for you my love, I do feel concerned though that you are wanting me to fix the problem for you, rather than you owning the problem. Rather then you listening to your body and thinking about what you could do to help yourself first.


“Okay, okay I’ll do some stretching” he grinned back at me.

“Terrific. In a little while, once I have the boys in bed, I’ll come and join you.”

As I walked away a voice in my head said, “Funny that, when did you last allow yourself the time to really stretch?” “Do you think that hip pain you’ve had has anything to do with all that running you’ve been doing and negligible stretching?”

Ouchhh! The irony of life packs a mean punch sometimes.

I had planned on moaning to my groom that night when he got home about how I hadn’t had an adjustment in a little while, ‘poor bugger me’, moan, moan, moan. Now in a moment of divine wisdom I thought I should really take a hold of myself and quickly go and join my nine year for some yoga!!

Isn’t it funny how sometimes we just want someone else to fix our problems or to own our problems?

As practitioners, we see this all the time, particularly when working with older generations who have been  well trained when it comes to health, to hand a health issue over and ask a doctor or specialist to miraculously fix it for them. Seemingly, younger generations are ( a little ) more proactive about their health. They have an awareness of the net effect that too much stress, poor food or lack of exercise has on their health. Fortunately we live amidst an era where we can gain access to wonderful health resources, wellness practitioners, associations, networks etc that can all guide and support us towards strengthening our health.

Across the board though, most of us at times – particularly when we are emotionally or physically depleted, want to bury our heads in the sand rather then take the bull by the horns and be proactive about a problem.  A never ending ‘to-do list’, financial stress etc, etc.

This week alone, I have had girlfriends, sisters and complete strangers all complain about financial burdens and relationship troubles as if God had handed them a terrible plight. We are all capable however of reading books about finance, or relationships, we are all capable of taking seminars and up-skilling our knowledge and skill base. We can even approach people who inspire us and ask for 20 minutes of their time, then write down their suggestions and answers for our most pressing questions.

When we stop wanting “others” to fix all of their issues and then often our own problems as well, we can plainly see the mirrors in life. We can be self-responsible and take that beastly ego by the horns and get on with being happy. Life is comical when we stand back and take a good hard look at ourselves.

So don’t judge yourself too harshly, just have some fun with where you’re at.



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