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Why I Handed In My Licence To Practice In Australia

Why I Handed In My Licence To Practice In Australia

JenThere are defining moments in every life when we must look inside to find our truth and what is important to us and this somewhat surreal past week has been one of mine.

A week ago, I received a call from AHPRA (the governing body who regulate all Australian primary health care practitioners) to tell me that they wanted to suspend my license as a chiropractor. The reason for the immediate action was not because of a patient complaint as one would expect but because of topics I’d shared on Instagram during COVID.

How is this possible you may well ask?

Surely the measure of fitness to practice any sort of health care, is based upon said care? Sadly, this is not the case. Fundamentally as for any sort of licensed medical professional or member of the scientific community, clinical experience and legitimate opinions have become condemned, muted and subsequently persecuted where they do not align with the Government. The standard of allowed truth is not ‘scientific evidence’ but rather ‘scientific opinion’ that is backed by Governments and the large lobby groups that effectively run them. The current landscape is in effect one of science delusion – or the belief that the science as it relates to a particular topic is “settled” because those who paid for the research, say it is. Discrediting and shaming anyone who says otherwise.

The words alleged to have been muttered by Galileo in 1632 after he was forced to recant his theory that the earth was round and revolved around the sun to avoid a death sentence; “And yet it moves” should be all the reminder that we all need in order to understand that science is in no way settled. It is an evolving discipline of knowledge that should always and ever be examined and tested as our knowledge expands and new evidence is brought to light.

Yet here we are almost 400 years later, and I was given 1 week to respond to the AHPRA Board. Fortunately, Serene Teffaha (increasingly well-known human rights advocate) immediately came to my side, and during that time I went offline to consider how I wanted to proceed.

ChiropracticSome background

I came to this profession because I believed in empowering people through health. Our bodies ability is self-regulate and recreate balance and order, is nothing short of pure ‘magic.’ When we support our health with a clean wholesome diet, low tox living, quality rest and exercise, time in nature, and loving relationships we invest in our health. Chiropractors acknowledge that there is an intelligence within each of us that heals a cut or a wound, that turns an embryo into a baby. A life force that moves within us. Chiropractic adjustments work to remove the physical, chemical or emotional (conscious or unconscious) stressors that limit the expression of this life force. The accidents and falls, poor posture, chronic stress patterns and toxins that with time – tax our well-being. Chiropractors work with the spine and nervous system facilitating feedback and helping the nervous system regain awareness and organisation, with an ‘inside-out’ approach.

This is the sort of health care I sought to practice. Empowered, proactive health. I love chiropractic practice. I love adjusting. I love working with babies, children, and Mamas especially. I love seeing chiropractic adjustments unleash the innate intelligence of the body. These are the things that drew me to this profession.

This is the sort of health care I sought to practice. Empowered, proactive health. Moreover, I love chiropractic practice. I love adjusting. I love working with babies, children, and Mamas especially. I love seeing chiropractic adjustments unleash the innate intelligence of the body. These are the things that drew me to this profession.

It was from this place that I wrote my best-selling book “Well Adjusted Babies” back in the early 2005. I wanted all parents to have a resource that empowered them to raise healthy children. I holistically discussed developmental milestones and presented a wide range of health options. I raised questions and things to consider. The book sold over half a million copies has been updated several times, and it continues to be in demand as a resource for parents and allied health professionals around the world today.

It was a few years after “Well Adjusted Babies” was published that my current relationship with AHPRA began. In time I’ll share specific examples of what came to pass over the entire period (few people really know) however a snapshot of the legal challenges I have endured with AHPRA over this period may be summed up by Serene’s comments earlier this year when she first went through all of my files; “What you’ve been put through is absolutely appalling. It’s disgusting. I’m incredibly emotional reading all of this.” Other than that, for now, what I can say is that no other author/health practitioner in Australia has experienced this level of discrimination and oppression. This organisation has spent exorbitant amounts of money over roughly a 10-year period trying to shut me down.

WAB and TicklishWhy?

Why would a peak body spend all this time and resources on me? This is the real question worth considering. Yes, I published a book that did well, but then half a million copies are hardly blanket coverage? Yes, I presented concepts of natural health (so dangerously subversive of me!), but I discussed them alongside mainstream medical options and gave due respect to both as well as provided broad scope for parents to find their own best path. Could it be that because my books and products presented chiropractic and alternative medicine to the world, a decision was made to harass and frighten me enough to stay silent, with the strategic goal being that the ripple effect would then silence the whole profession?

Chiropractic is the second largest health profession in Australia, and the basic premise of our profession is to help patients understand the impact physical, chemical, and emotional stressors have on the nervous system and cumulatively on our health. Cue to enter – vaccines. The first edition of my book launched 15 years ago in a time where very few authors were talking about the health implications of antibiotics, vaccines, and medicalised births.  The issue that AHPRA has/had with me,  is that not only that I was singing the praises of all allied health professions and highlighting research that (at that time) supported my claims,  I was also discussing the pros and cons of all of the decision’s parents have to weigh up including vaccination. As they say in the classics “follow the money” and in the mainstream “health” industry the money trail leads to vaccines.

To be clear, this singling out and discreditation of allied health professionals (one profession at a time) is not just about me, nor is it solely an Australian issue. Or for that matter an AHPRA issue. This is a global strategy orchestrated by Big Pharma and the corrupt WHO (the ultimate “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”) who since the mid-1980’s have made trillions of dollars from vaccines and the associated drugs used to treat the subsequent damages that arise from their administration. It is a calculated strategy to silence dissent that has for decades prevented open discussion of the myriad of issues and dangers by discrediting quantum physicists, researchers, doctors, and thought leaders who by speaking out encourage people to think outside of the prescribed model or to question the perverse incentives of pharmaceutical companies.

The approach is further solidified into mainstream acceptance by Big Pharma intermarrying with governments and organisations like FOSM and Sceptic Societies, waging war on leaders in varied professions like an insidious malignancy. So much so, that if you’re not being intimidated by AHPRA (or its equivalent around the world), you’re being fed to the media lions by the sceptic societies. The interesting paradox here being that to be sceptical of anything that disrupts the accepted narrative is seen as virtuous, whereas to be a sceptic and ask valid questions of the indoctrinated narrative itself is heresy? Is it just me or is it in fact an antithesis to call yourself a ‘sceptic’ when in fact all you are doing is defending an existing belief?

I am far from the only doctor who has been singled out by these parties for speaking “truth” and daring to question in the above manner. In fact, this global group is growing to such a point where I feel pride to be included alongside of such courageous and distinguished company. I am however the only Australian author to my knowledge who’s endured such relentless hounding, and at this time I am fully aware that another media scandal is no doubt on the horizon to further discredit me. Smear and attack are always the methodology of the fearful or those with scant defence.

BabyWhat to do?

As the above scenario played out over this last decade, I was conciliatory, respectful, and transparent, and I tried for many years to work with my regulators in defence of my work and profession. I’ve played the good girl I was raised to be. I have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to both protect my reputation, and preserve our profession, submitting boxes of research in our defence to be able to discuss chiropractic care for babies, children, and pregnant women. As legislation governing our profession changed, I tried to work with the AHPRA Board, and I even had three years off social media where I spoke of nothing in relation to the content of my book so as not to provoke controversy. My legal advice at the time was to stop selling my book and other products in Australia, and I did. I lost hope in our Chiropractic Association who went to bed with the government selling out Australian parents. Even when these parties started targeting my husband (also a chiropractor) when he decided to enter the political arena of our profession, I once again dutifully shut my mouth and returned to practice.

Then the year of 2020 (and everything COVID) began. A time where initially I along with everyone else was willing to do the “right thing” to help their nation navigate the “threat” of this novel virus. However, as the days, weeks, months passed and the blatant censorship on holistic advice for managing this virus as opposed to the official narrative of fear, was evident on every platform, nothing made sense to me. So, I began to research and explore every facet of this so-called pandemic and the more I learned the more I knew I needed to find my voice.

As censorship on HCQ continued and our Prime Minister Scott Morrison aligned himself with international vaccine companies such as AstraZeneca that are morally bankrupt (having a history of being severely fined for false claims, kickbacks and bribery and unapproved promotion of medical products) I felt nauseated. As we ignored Australian experts such as Dr Thomas Borody and his work with Ivermectin. As people were being required to take the Influenza Vaccination to access loved ones at residential care facilities and/or retain their employment. In Victoria we not only had unprecedented, unreasonable restrictions on self-employment and small business operations, there is mounting evidence that our Governments are introducing draconian legislation that overrides the Constitution, the Biosecurity Act 2015, and Human Rights legislative frameworks. Similarly, this has occurred in other countries. These are some of the topics I brought to the table for discussion this year.

To me there was no longer a choice involved to speak out because this was/is far greater than me and any potential backlash I knew I would both personally and professionally face. Not only does this situation compromise the physical and emotional health and wellness of my patients and community, but this is also about rights, freedoms, and the world we will all leave our grandchildren. This is the reason AHPRA wanted to immediately suspend me.

So, the decision was mine as to how I proceeded.

WABWhere to now?

As I have already told you; I love chiropractic practice, so to leave it was no easy decision.

However, it is the only decision that I can account to My Maker with good conscience. I can no longer stay silent on all these issues. Not using my voice has taxed my health and pulled me out of alignment with my personal truth and higher authority. I have spent decades educating parents and I refuse to let bullies steal the future health of humanity. Thus, effective this week I resigned and surrendered my registration as a Chiropractor in Australia. I am no longer a registered health practitioner with AHPRA and whilst I may no longer be able to practice, I am also no longer able to be silenced, bullied, or otherwise harassed.

Moving forward Serene and I still have work to do, and we are aligning with other practitioners who have been targeted and bullied by AHPRA. Also, with Serene’s representation, I am invoking Whistle Blower protection whereby we allege that AHPRA has been incessantly stalking and harassing me. We also note that AHPRA’s actions are not legitimately borne out of any complaints from my patients.

We also drew their attention to section 15 of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Vic). That determines that I have the right to freedom of expression, and irrespective of my opinions or beliefs I have helped many people achieve health and wellbeing through both disease prevention and control to become healthier members of the community. AHPRA has made serious allegations against me that my conduct constitutes a risk to the public interest in the absence of any criminal offenses committed by me or evidence of similar culpability. That has left me with no choice but to defend my reputation.

Effectively this is all because we wish to call them to account. They purport to be the regulators of ‘promotion of health of the community through disease prevention and control’. And yet they do that by presenting themselves as the regulators of anti-Government sentiment? This has nothing to do with health and everything about control.

They equate the meaning of being ‘evidence-informed’ with all concepts promoted and backed exclusively by Government and the large lobby groups that support them. As I stated earlier, in this manner Government becomes the keeper of ‘scientific evidence’. AHPRA as their representative body presents science as somehow being ‘settled’ no differently than the church inquisition did to Galileo some 400 years ago. This is dogma rather than science that is continuously tested against new discoveries and information. At least that’s the science I was taught to believe in.

For now, I am finding my feet on what this all means for me and my family. I am deeply grateful for all your support during this time and I look forward to using the voice and wisdom God has given me, with well earnt freedom.


23 thoughts on “Why I Handed In My Licence To Practice In Australia”

  1. Thank you Jen. I’m sorry it’s come to this for you, and I have long wanted to do the same (surrender licensure to have a voice) but have felt financially constrained to tow the line.
    Much love to you, Simon and the fam. Anything i can do to help…please let me know. Hugs and gratitude for all you have done and are doing, Ben xx

  2. I have all your books, seen you speak and you empowered by career further. I love being a chiropractor and I know you didn’t make this decision lightly, stay strong find your voice and we are all behind you!! God luck, god bless, stay strong.

  3. My heart aches for all that you have been through. You are one of my most cherished colleagues. Though we have never met, your books and teachings have given me such great insight into being a better chiropractor for my patients and my family.

  4. Be strong sister.We will all have to make a stand soon enough. Many are frightened. Many are selfish as well and instead of standing up together prefer someone else to make that stand for them without drawing attention to themselves – but they will happily accept the fruits of ohers struggle. Staying positive in the face of adversity seems to be the lesson on this planet…if lessons are what we are here for….and I am skeptical about that as well. Here’s to the real skeptics that keep us all safe!

  5. Dearest Jen
    My respect ✊ for you is forever continuous.
    May you feel the strength & solidarity from all around the world.
    Do you have a go fund me page I can contribute to?
    My hope is you feel relieved and empowered and supported.
    Many blessings & Thankyou

  6. Brian Ferguson, DC

    This is humbling. I acknowledge your courage and tenacity for the truth. Be well. Speak loud. Sleep well.

  7. Dearest Jen and family,

    I wanted to send my admiration and love to you at this time. Having had a taste of the experiences you have described I can only imagine how a decade of this persecution and injustice has impacted you and all those you care about.

    I too removed myself from AHPRA in disgust. The undue influence of those whose agenda is about silencing the truth was and is all to evident and removes any credibility they may once have had.

    The truth will always be in the results you have produced for others and the love and education you bring to all
    In your sphere of influence.

    Thinking of you and sending all our love and support. You are an inspiration to all.

  8. What I know and love about you is your passion for truth, your depth of research, and how you articulate and conduct yourself. We are also in an era of censorship, lack of respect for democratic values/constitutions and massive undisclosed conflicts of interest by those who have currently been granted power. You my dear, are an example of bravery, alignment with integrity, common sense and expressing the wish for an advanced citizenry in “do no harm” and health care freedom.

  9. I applaud your courage and integrity as a Chiropractor and a true health care leader. Your behavior makes our funding fathers proud. Stay strong and God bless you and your family.

  10. John Edward's, DC, DACCP

    Oprah Winfrey proved that in the US a microphone is more powerful than a medical degree. She shaped health care and mental health policy in this country by giving voice to what people at home have been thinking.
    You now have the freedom and support to do what needs to be done. If they thought they’d get more honey by whacking the bee hive harder, boy are they going to be surprised at what comes out of that hole!
    If you get some time this weekend’s Wall Street Journal (10/10) features an article in the Review section by House of Lords’ Matt Ridley, “What the Pandemic Had Taught Us About Science.” Ridley lays out the very same points on the dangers of silencing opposition to “The Science.” It’s a wonderful article. Let me know if there’s anything I can do from here to help.

  11. Wishing you health and happiness. You are such a loss to the chiropractic world, but as you say, you … “refuse to let bullies steal the future health of humanity” I know you will keep on helping humanity! Many of us have to work under the radar. Blessings to you and your family. 🙂

  12. I am so grateful to you, and all that you do/have done. I am so sad and sorry to hear about this, such a loss to our profession, but I hope that we will be able to change this, and one will not have to be sacrificed for the other. Being a health care practitioner, yet being told what you are allowed to say, believe, research, is beyond a joke. There are no words for how grateful I am to you, and my admiration of you. I am so appreciative of all your work, and in helping to share important information. Your courage and strength is inspirational.

  13. How brave and intelligent, what an inspiration. I wish that we could be more like you! You should not have to be the one that stops practicing but I wish that this creates more possibitlies for you and the people and the world! Thank you for all the effort and work you do. You are amazing.

  14. I feel for you, but leaving AHPRA does not mean they will leave you alone, their authority extend to former members, and anyone giving advice contrary to AHPRA, and they now have the power to put you in jail. You are not off the hook, better to become a journalist as you have constitutional protection

  15. Dear Jen, you’ve been a constant inspiration since I met you, Stay brave and even in the times you don’t, just keep going. Your example or how you live and work are brilliant.
    Fiona Boyle

  16. Annica Larsdotter. DC DICCP

    immense respect for your stake in the ground and firm position. The truth, nothing but the truth straight from the heart. Be well. Let me know if I can be of assistance in any way shape or form. You are the Rosa Parkes for freedom of health care choices 🙂

  17. Jen,
    I stumbled on your website after looking for instances where AHPRA had threatened medical professionals for sharing studies, or technical opinions, that were not consistent with the current government narratives. I would firstly like to offer my deepest respect for being brave enough to stand up to what you know is right. This is rare today. As a lifelong chiropractic patient, I feel that much of what AHPRA are doing is inconsistent with my own experience as a well adjusted adult. I am going to make every effort that I can to help support Serene’s effort in bringing this organisation to justice and hope that once the battle has been won, that you are able to safely return to work. Australia needs more good chiropractors and the chiropractors need to know that it is safe to discuss non-pharmaceutical solutions to health problems.

  18. I’m so sorry you’re going through this !!! You are an inspiration for everyone to stand up for what’s right !!

    Supporting you from Canada !

  19. Your professional, accurate care has provided our family with answers when the medical fraternity could not. Your courage and truth are all you have, at the end of the day, and I applaud you for backing yourself, your profession and the science that supports all that you do. I hope a weight has been lifted from you with this decision, and that through it your new sense of freedom leads you back to your happy place. Love ya x

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