WWP an inspiring “think-tank”

WWP an inspiring “think-tank”

earthCongratulations and thankyou to YOU, my fellow chiropractors…I am so delighted to report that many, many of those involved with the recent World Wellness Project were smitten with chiropractic and their chiropractor!!!! It was fascinating to spend time with people who are as passionate about sustainable living, social justice, gardens, food, work places etc As We Are About The Nervous Sytem and it was wonderful that these same people appreciate the importance of chiropractic!

The WWP had 40 speakers and industry experts from around the world who evoked fabulous discussions with consumer attendees on the latest projects, thoughts and ideas on Wellness for our Planet. I was part of a panel discussion on “Feeding the Future – Minds, Bodies and Spirits” and my intention was to help the audience see how families can be self-responsible for their health and how having a healthy nervous system plays an integral role.
So many of the people I chatted to were so delighted with chiropractic and keen to tell me all about their chiropractor. This demonstrates that people who are focused on the health of the planet are equally focused on prioritizing their own health.

This is such good news…….

On all accounts the WWP was a refreshing and inspiring “think-tank”.

Other organizations or projects that may be of interest :

*Mike Reynolds – radically sustainable green buildings made of recycled materials. powered by the sun and the wind. catching water, treating sewage, heating and cooling …

* The original 365 Grateful project

*LOHAS an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, a market segment focused on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living, and social justice.

*Children’s Food Education Foundation
An Australian charity creating and delivering innovative food education programs for children and young people with disadvantages, chronic illness, disabilities, mental disorders, and those who care for themselves or others.

*Quest For Life Foundation – for those challenged with an unexpected diagnosis, an accident, loss or tradegy.

*Costa’s Garden Odyssey …
Australian landscape architect and television personality, best known as the host of the SBS TV gardening show, Costa’s Garden Odyssey…


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