It’s Been Too Long

It’s Been Too Long

So, indeed it has been quite some time between blogs. As I mentioned with the previous entry- my tardiness has been due to the creation of the2nd Edition of Well Adjusted Babiesand not because Ihad  forgotten about my dear readers. My apologies, none the less. 

With any spare moment I have had ( in the last few months) being dedicated to this new book – life has been a little bit tricky and certainly a delicate balance.

Writing blogs I’m afraid, was one task that I simply had to for-go.

Thankfully with the school holidays and festive season, we have had lots of family about, so the boys have been ‘well loved’ and very well entertained during this writing period. While working from home is not always ideal, I would not have been able to entertain even the thought of a re-edit, if I could not also be available when there are fist-a-cuffs (boys and testosterone!!)  or when Dad looses ‘his cool’ trying to garden with four small helpers.

Arlo has also been extremely patient with his mother and is now 9 months old. We have many photos of him pulling at my computer keyboard or sitting amidst piles of papers. Photos of him also being cuddled by the graphics team while I proof documents. He is delightful and loving having his mothers full attention again.
Mind-due with three adoring older brothers, Arlo has quickly learnt how to have his every ‘need and whim’ met. One brother will dash over there to get him a toy, another brother will race to fetch his water bottle. All the while Arlo claps and laughs.

My parents and our extended family have also been tremendously supportive during this time. And so with a sigh, numerous grey hairs, and bed calling, I can quite honestly say, THANK GOD that process (2nd Edition) is complete.

Before I begin with some more serious blogs relating to health, I must share with you how Arlo has helped his mother maintain her humour through these busy few months. Now even though Arlo can say Mama and Dada (he is highly advanced -of course!) to the continual amusement and hysterics of his big brothers when they ask Arlo a question he will always respond  -on cue – with his well rehearsed ‘Dada’.

For example when they sing,”Arlo, who smells like poo?

Arlo responds “Dada

Or “Arlo, who’s coo-coo-in the head?”

on cue he will respond “Dada.”

To this, the boys roar with laughter, which amuses Arlo further.

And I am happy to say while Arlo jabbers away with “Mummummummum” throughout the day, not once and I repeat -NOT ONCE, has my sweetheart replied with a “Mummum” to the boys and their relentless questioning. Much to my delight.

Thankfully ‘my beloved husband’ has very broad shoulders and an equally wicked sense of humour to that of his boys.

Love to you and yours,





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