Preparing for a Home Birth

Preparing for a Home Birth

Knowing that we are soon approaching 39 weeks, I find most of my thoughts gravitate to the birth. Any other thoughts that I have seem to focus on making sure my house is ready for a homebirth and a period of time for motherly hibernation. By this I mean, that for some period of time after birthing I will care little whether pajamas and socks are all in the right drawer, (even though they have been clearly labelled!).

So I sort, tidy and cull in the sheer hope that we will maintain some level of house diginity over the next few months. Then I force myself to chuckle at my anal retentive side.

Through previous experience the benefits of birthing at home, for both my family and I, certainly outweigh plans to birth in a hospital. Being in the comfort of my own home while I give birth and then to have all my creature comforts (little boys are creatures) while I heal, helps me to feel nurtured.

Of course there is additional planning needed for assistance and support during those first few weeks after a birth. Simon and I have asked our baby sitter to help on the days Simon is not home – with family meals, school runs etc. Then my parents will arrive for a few weeks while we settle into a new routine.

With a few days, perhaps a few weeks to go, I scan my homebirth checklist making sure we have everything that is required. With our two very experienced midwives and backup plans in place, I feel very safe settling into another birth at home.

Before I head to bed I freshen up the vases of flowers, check that the fridge is stocked and lists are made regarding homeopathics etc.

Another day closer to be being ready to birth our baby.

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