Happy Festive Season to you all!!

Happy Festive Season to you all!!

As my front door continues to open and close in true festive style with friends and family visiting, let me take this “brief quiet moment” as an opportunity to THANK YOU all for your support and encouragement this year. Your emails and cards are greatly appreciated.

Well Adjusted™ has grown in leaps and bounds this year and now operates in many, many countries abroad, and Simon and I feel extremely blessed to have such a dedicated team. We would also like to thank them for their tireless efforts day or night!!

This year has been full of learning and adventure for our family. We head off to New York in a few days to meet some dear friends and to welcome the New Year in with them. It seems odd to be planning a christmas BBQ for tomorrow and yet packing winter gloves and coats. From New York we travel to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and then back to LA and then home. Amidst catching up with friends and sight seeing Simon and I have a few talks scheduled which will be terrific as it is always wonderful to meet and mingle with those who support our products overseas. We have been blessed with some wonderful, wonderful work opportunites this year.

This year Simon and I have also had the pleasure of creating friendships with some truly amazing people who have helped us to stretch and grow in amazing ways. We thank you for believing in us. Allow me to quickly acknowledge Simon, my best friend and groom. This year he has faced amazing challenges, endured significant stress and deep loss, yet his commitment to his family and our vision has only deepened. His bravery and self-responsible attitude continue to inspire me to greater levels. This year you have certainly been my hero and I am so proud of the man with whom I am growing old. 

I’d like to leave you with some tips for the festive season:

— For the breastfeeding mothers DON’T EAT THE CHRISTMAS STUFFING!! Stuffing traditionally contains the herb Sage which dries out breastmilk, so steer clear. 

— Let’s tell our loved ones what we love about them.

— Let’s honour the people we love with our attention and focus. Let’s slow the day down and sit and be present with dear friends and family. There is good reason why turkeys take so long to cook —  it is so we can enjoy the moment.

— Remember not to mix proteins or too many food groups tomorrow. If we sample everything on offer we’ll feel God awful as we crawl into bed. 

— Another tip for the breastfeeding mothers is to remember that champagne and softdrinks may create tummy upsets for breastfed babies, so best avoid.

— No matter how good everything looks and as hard as it is, remember there is no need to over eat!! There will be other Christmases.

— Remember throughout the day to give thanks for the abundance of love and good fortune we all share .
My love and very best wishes to you all. I hope you have a delightful day!! 

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