Connecting To Our ‘Why’ -UK Women’s Conference

Connecting To Our ‘Why’ -UK Women’s Conference

This week I had the great pleasure of speaking at a Women’s Conference in London and it was a truly amazing experience.

There is something powerfully unique about a group of women who have organized their children and their routines, so that they are all able to come together for an event that is held in honour of women.
Women of all ages joined us, women with children and women without, women who worked full-time or part time, inside or outside their homes. Some both. It was quite an eclectic gathering.

As women, I believe we really do need to reach out and support each other, to share our skills and our insights. In doing so we remind ourselves of our inherent need to move towards a place of profound self- acceptance, knowing that as women (in the vast roles we play) we are indeed “enough” right now. In all of our learning and in all of our greatness – we are enough.

We can move to that place of self- acceptance by gaining clarity on ‘our individual why’, by considering and defining “what gives our life meaning?” So that in the haste of life, rather than mindless ‘ground hog day rituals’, we have a deeper intention and focus in our day-to-day living. This then, allows for a greater level of appreciation for the synchronicity of life.

A deep connection to our ‘why’ helps us look at our habits and whether those habits are helping us feel centred and aligned with life or are they moving us away and keeping us in a spiral of frustration.

Great questions to ponder:

What gives my life meaning?

What do I value?

How do I prioritise those values?

What would I wish to contribute to the world?

We all have multiple facets to our lives, no matter what role we play in our family, community or profession and no matter what cycle of life we find ourselves in, we have a group of people around us whom we influence.

Even if we find ourselves in a cycle of life where our day revolves around the demands of little ones it is imperative to remember we are ultimately fulfilling the most important position or career in the world. We are shaping the hearts and minds of our future world.

We can choose to see the magic and potential in our lives and realise we can powerfully influence and inspire those around us by communicating our ‘WHY’. Or we can choose not too. The choice is ours. Either way our life reflects what we believe to be true.

By focusing on being the grandest version of ourselves we can deeply influence our family, our team, our clients and our community.

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