londonHello, hello Simon and I are on our way home from a very speedy trip to London. I had the great privilege of speaking at a Women’s Conference and we took a couple of days either side to meet with some wonderful people eager to help bring Well Adjusted abroad.
We would have been over to the UK and back in a week had the snow held off in London, as it was though, flights were delayed and I am now (after 2 days flying) absolutely desperate to land and see my boys.

Perhaps the up side of us being away is that the boys had a week with their grandparents whom they do not see very often. My mother reports the boys haven’t even battered an eyelid in our absence. Hmmmm… I’m thinking her baking biscuits and cakes everyday had something to with it!

London is beautiful this time of year. Clearly there is something truly refreshing about going for a run in the snow (ear muffs, gloves and beanies are essential though) and Simon and I both feel renewed to launch into Christmas festivities back in sunny Australia.

Our best wishes to the many women we met at the conference (I will share some reflections on the topics discussed in the next blog) and my thanks to everyone involved during those few days with further establishing Well Adjusted in the UK.

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