Published Articles – Reorientating Children’s Whims

Published Articles – Reorientating Children’s Whims

Re-orientating our Children’s “Nutritional Whims”

Life is about balance and there are times when we allow our children a few liberties with their culinary “objects of desire.” For the most part though there is one simple nutritional principle I try to celebrate with my children time and time again. It is the simple rule that – if what you are eating is made by nature and if you are eating this food in its purest form (i.e. it hasn’t been processed in any way other than through cooking) then you are making a wise health choice. Through my clinical experience even families with special dietary needs seem to respond well to this principle.

It can be tricky re-orientating our children back to nutritious food choices.

Jen’s top tip when shopping with youngsters – head to the Health Food section of the supermarket first and get them eating something healthy so that you can have a little peace to consider your shopping list.
Some days when our children make requests for less than desirable food items they will be happy with a simple response such as, “No sweetheart, we can’t have those lollies today” other days they will make a demand with such vigour, that it really throws you.

Most days I feel a level of inspiration and intestinal fortitude that enables me to handle nutritional debates with my children. Other days my instincts tell me to try a little humour instead with my irrational child. Here are some examples of debating with humour;

“Sweetheart, God only put those bright colours together in a rainbow” Or “Remember the last time you tried that drink and it made you go completely ‘cuckoo’ in the head. You went silly and yelled at everyone? So, not today buddy.”

It is hard work navigating a family towards a healthy lifestyle, for your own sanity though keep it light and make it fun.

Happy shopping and good luck.



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