Published Articles – Well Days

Published Articles – Well Days

Here’s another Article that was recently printed in an edited format…

Well Days

For a small child there often seems to be a lot of fuss and fan-fair when they become “ill.” The more fuss we make unfortunately can at times, allow for our children to develop a disposition towards sickness. Obviously there are children who have very specific health needs, I am however referring to those of us who have been blessed with children who in general, are fairly strong.

Our eldest son has now had a few weeks observing his little brothers fade one after the other with colds, while he has soldiered off to school with his head held high. Being mindful of his recent observations we decided that it was time to schedule a pre-planned “Well Day” for him to celebrate how strong and healthy he has been. We wanted to acknowledge him for being “well” and meet his emotional needs before he craved attention in other ways.

For us “Well Days” are pre-planned to help build excitement and anticipation. Together we plan a feast of activities such as going to the movies and then perhaps some bowling, followed by a delicious lunch date. Any activity a child enjoys reinforces that there is benefit for them in focusing on their health.

Most adults realize that health is not a fixed condition – health is a process and like all natural processes health mostly comes in slow, gentle, cumulative ways. We acknowledge that we have to work consistently at achieving real vitality and fitness.

When orientating our family towards wellness it is important to take time to celebrate when our children make wise healthy choices. These may include simple acts such as regularly drinking water rather than juices and soft drinks. Deciding to eat fruit and veggie sticks rather than highly processed junk foods is another. We can also acknowledge our children when they go to bed early when they are tired or for independently rugging themselves up on a cold winter’s day.

By incorporating “Well Days” and by acknowledging our children when they make healthy choices we help them to appreciate what’s involved with maintaining and strengthening health.



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