Diary Update

Diary Update

My sincerest apologies for my lack of enthusiasm recently to write regular health blogs. With only 5 or 6 weeks to go, I feel like my brain is starting to go a little spongy and it takes real effort to sit at the computer and to maintain a train of thought.

Over the last two weeks I have reached that “Critical Nesting” stage. Where few things matter other than getting my home ready for another ‘bubba’, there is a great urgency to buy mattress protectors, new sheets, clean out cupboards, sort out toys etc, etc.

Simon and the boys chuckle every time I suggest a family activity, because undoubtedly it will revolve around getting the house ready for another birth and period of hibernation. I will eagerly suggest we plant bulbs, clean the windows etc, and they just smile at each other and mutter “okay Mum”…

I am however, resting much more at present. I now willing tuck myself back into bed when Simon is home and let others sort out the battles of young boys. I’ve made time for regular massages and acupuncture sessions these last two weeks, which has also been wonderful.

With my nesting list almost complete I intend to “up-the-anti” on my self-care. Making regular time for yoga and reading. We go to QLD next week and hopefully I can come home and have a month of rest pre-baby.

Presuming of course bubs doesn’t arrive a month early!

In preparation for our birth and the period of six months or so post-birth, where my world will revolve around nurturing and protecting a beautiful new born, I am consciously finishing up many of my additional roles. I am cutting back on my input at the practice again, putting aside most of my writing, cutting back on blogs, speaking events etc. Over the last few days I have definitely entered the “Baby & Me stage”

Last night I spoke to over 150 chiropractic students (last talk scheduled) and thank God my beloved was there because a couple of times my brain went completely blank mid-sentence and Simon beautifully stepped-in adding clinical perspectives, making the presentation look faultless. I did pre-empt the situation by explaining to the students that most pregnant women at this stage find that at around 8.30pm the desire to be in bed is paramount. For us it was pretty funny, but no more for awhile.

I am deleting unnecessary engagements from the calendar and finding joy in looking around my house, watching it gracefully make a transition toward this next stage of our family life. Another period of “slowness” for me, which I am now actually quite looking forward to. God is so clever.

With love to you and yours




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