Finding Balance

Finding Balance

As always, life is full of learning and sweet reminders.

Over the last few weeks I have realised that I have started to let myself feel very squeezed by life. That I have let myself enter the – “cycle of urgency”.
I find I have been telling myself that “I just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day” or a week. Or I’ll catch myself saying “If only I could clone myself and get everything done.” After doing this for a few days, I actually realized how I’d fallen into the trap of tormenting myself.

As always – time is simply an illusion. We all have the capacity to get everything done that we need to – it is simply how we view our world. With the right head space, daily activities fall into place with synchronicity.
When our thoughts are “right”, events will be so beautifully orchestrated or woven together, that you can’t help but chuckle to yourself.

When we acknowledge that God is our co-creator and he/she knows no limitations, life skillfully moulds itself.

It is only when we stop trusting that things will indeed unfold  just AS THEY SHOULD and as, in my case recently, TRY TO FORCE THINGS TO HAPPEN that life becomes frustrating and stressful.

With roughly only 10 weeks to go in this pregnancy I found myself creating mental lists of a zillion work things that I was convincing myself needed to be completed well before baby number four.

I was aware that our life had had a little momentum boost and felt proud that I was still finding time to play board games with the boys or read them those extra pages of a book. With the new pace of trying to organize the website re-design, audio down loads for the book, answering lots of emails from beautiful mums, drafts for the next book, dramas with the practice etc, etc …     I was quite literally, ‘mentally –swinging’ just a little too fast. Pushing myself too much!

As life has it, I then fell in a heap, physically and mentally.

So what is the right balance? How can we maintain it?

Through my actions I was placing the needs of the boys, Simon and work above and beyond my physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Not because they wanted me to, I was the one whipping the horse. With bypassing my own individual needs I was tripping over my own feet. Now life is forcing me to RE-INVEST in myself, to ‘catch-up’ per say.

What are the key signs to look for when you suspect that you may be out of balance?

For me, I haven’t allowed myself:

– time to meditate or give thanks each day

– to spend time with my vision and my goals

– to be still with my emotions

– to simply sit and spend time with Simon

– to stretch after exercise

– to do yoga

– to have a nap when I needed ( as pregnant women do)

– to have a chat with girlfriends

– to read for pleasure

– to sit and eat my breakfast

How do you keep yourself ‘in-check’? Keep your SELF in balance?

Yours truly,

Jennifer Barham-Floreani
Bach. Chiropractic, Bach. App Clinical Science
Registered internationally, no longer practicing as a chiropractor in Australia.

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