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General Wellness

How Do I Test My Methylation?

The most practical way to check for problems with methylation is to arrange to have the following tested. In Australia, you need to work with a GP to get a referral for your blood tests. If you’re seeing a practitioner for other health issues such as inflammation, gut, hormonal or […]

General Wellness

MTHFR – Say What?

If you’ve just discovered or heard about methylation and feel somewhat clueless (yep, been there myself) make sure you also have a read of Methylation, MTHFR – WTF? If you’ve just been told that you have the MTHFR gene please have a read of our blog, Should I be Freaking […]

General Wellness

Methylation, MTHFR – WTF?

Excuse the WTF expletive but if you’re like me you probably find discussions on methylation and MTHFR get pretty high-ceilinged, pretty quickly! Meaning, it takes a lot of concentration to wade through the biochemistry and work out what the heck people are talking about and to ascertain what’s actually important […]

Cold Sore
General Wellness

Got Cold Sores?

Are you sick of getting cold sores? Does your child suddenly erupt with 5 or 6 painful, tingly cold sores all at once? Do they feel just as frustrated or embarrassed? They’re not alone!  Why do we get cold sores? Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus type […]

Holistic Parenting

Looking at Stress Head On

 Are there days where you feel like too many  people are counting on you or that you have  too much on your plate?   Did you just hit ‘send’ on a fraudulently  cheery email when deep down you just want  to throw a massive tantrum or burst into  tears? Yes […]