Minimising Morning Sickness

Minimising Morning Sickness

One of our team members at work has been experiencing quite severe morning sickness over the last few months. The poor love really has had a rough first trimester….

As I consider the conversations we’ve shared regarding her constant nausea, I’m allowing myself the time to reflect and remember just how debilitating morning sickness can be. I’ll allow just enough ‘quiet reflection’ to beat away any stirrings of “cluck-i-ness” within, so that my husband can breathe a sigh of relief. Goodness could you imagine –we are barely holding it all together now!!!

The reality about morning sickness is that it is a normal self-regulating process. A mother’s body is undergoing enormous physiological change, particularly on a hormonal level and nausea is often one of the by-products of such change. Why is it then that some women become so ill and others don’t?.

Now I won’t pretend to have a definitive answer, my thoughts are though, that women who suffer morning sickness and I was one-of-them, need fairly strong reasons to slow down and rest. Morning sickness may be a way that your body can say, “Excuse me, I can’t run on adrenaline anymore so stop trying to please everyone! Don’t wait for someone else to tell you to rest, I need you to rest and get more sleep, as from today, do you understand??? and by the way – please feed me more consistently.”

The human body is very clever.

The two best methods for conquering morning sickness (or as it should correctly be known – ‘all night and all day sickness’) are to eat small amounts of food through out the day (this means a small portion of food everyone couple of hours), and to sneak in extra sleep.

Consistent, light snacking will prevent blood sugar levels from plummeting (helping to prevent nausea) and having ‘nana-naps’ where possible, or going to bed early, ensuring that you get extra-sleep, can make the world of difference to how you feel.

Other items that may be helpful are;

  1. Being checked by your chiropractor, it enables your body to be as healthy as it can be during pregnancy. Adjustments allow your body’s nervous system i.e. your body’s computer to carefully balance your physical and hormonal needs at this crucial time. For more information regarding the benefits of chiropractic for you and your baby please see blog titled “Health benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy.”
  2. Including ginger in your diet. Try some fresh ginger tea. Buy some ginger, cut a few slices, add hot water and a little honey. This tea is quite a life-saver. You can also purchase Ginger Tea bags if this is easier.
  3. Make sure you are attaining enough vitamin B6 in your diet. Try increasing your vitamin B6 intake throughout your day. Vitamin B6 can be found in:
    –          sweet potato
    –          bananas
    –          currants
    –          dried apricots
    –          prunes
    –          sunflower seeds and walnuts
    –          soya beans
    –          chicken
    –          salmon
    –          tuna
    –          turkey
    –          wholegrains
    –          brewer’s yeast
  4. In my personal and clinical experience I have found that nutritional guidance from a qualified holistic nutritionist or naturopath should play an integral role in pregnancy. Seeing these specialists, at least once early in your pregnancy, will help clarify if you have any nutritional deficiencies which may impact your capacity for optimal health during pre and post-birth.
  5. Taking the following tissue salts available from health food stores are sometimes helpful;
    –          Ferrum Phos or Iron Phosphate is used for morning sickness when vomiting undigested food.
    –          Kali Mur or Potassium Chloride is useful with morning sickness where there is vomiting of white phlegm.
    –          Nat Mur or Sodium Chloride for watery, frothy phlegm.


Choosing to acknowledge and honour your physical needs during pregnancy is where the true fundamentals of self-care begin.  For further information see Chapter Three – “Achieving Physical and Emotional Well-being through Self-care.”

My love and blessings to all pregnant mum’s and their dear little ones.



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