Loving what you do!!

Loving what you do!!

I had the great pleasure, in the last few weeks, of “filling-in” for some of our chiropractors who were away on holidays.  I was fortunate to be able to do just a few shifts, where I was able to catch up and adjust some of my old patients. It was so beautiful to be able to see some of the children I’d given their first adjustments to – now coming in as lanky school kids and telling me jokes.

It was such a gift chatting with parents and seeing the effort and commitment they make to strengthen their children’s health. Chiropractic certainly can be one of those careers where you truly are able to work with large numbers of proactive individuals. It is so rewarding seeing people tap into their true health potential, physically and mentally.

I have had many people ask me the last few weeks, “when are you coming back to work?”, which interestingly enough, didn’t stir an inner longing to be practicing again right now. While I adore so many of our dear clients, these few sessions clarified that at this point in my life, I truly feel like I’m in the right place, doing the right thing. Doing what works for our family.

I have girlfriends who absolutely love working and tell me that they would go completely insane doing what I do, working from home. And isn’t that the great thing about life, that we can all make choices that suit us individually.

We may love our current plight, working or not working. Or we may wish to change our role in some way. If the later is true, then by gaining clarity on what it is we want exactly and by staying focused and hopeful, we have the good fortune as “conscious beings” of being able to draw such change in circumstance towards ourselves.

None of us can escape the power of our thoughts.

There have been times when Simon and I have both practiced whilst having little people in our life. For us it didn’t work. For me, it didn’t work. Whilst chiropractic is an extremely rewarding career, as a practitioner you do find that you give so much of yourself to your clients. By the end of a week you can be physically and emotionally exhausted. With both of us working and me trying to be super-mum, the situation got pretty ugly fairly quickly, and we found ourselves battling fatigue and the common banter of “well I’ve had a hard day because………..…”

As some of you know, after a few red flags and blinding flashes of the obvious, I decided that I didn’t want to be practicing, that I wanted to be a full-time Mum and part-time business owner/manager. As I slowed the pace of our life down and focused on creating more of a home for our family, other magic such as writing, emerged in my life. Where we may have taken a plunge in our income, we made huge leaps forward with our integrity. As we decided to make our life more congruent with our values, we found a deeper connection within and a deeper connection to Spirit.

I feel so thankful that at this point in time I am able to be at home and play ‘mother-hen.’ To do the school run, the soccer, swimming and tennis runs. To fumble through the school readers and re-learn the alphabet.

While there are some days that are ‘mind-numbing’, there are so many more that I cherish.

Most weeks, life somehow creates a balance in all the domestics, my writing of the blog, articles, another book and helping to manage the practice.

Not once has my beloved husband questioned my decision to be at home or quibbled about who earns what…and I am so extremely grateful! Without his support, by no means, could I be the mother that I desire to be. It is such a joy being able to parent alongside him.

So life for us is certainly full and by no-means perfect. Our last six months with moving the practice have created a whole new dance routine for our family, one that has worn some of our batteries low. Even with this chaos we have both tried to remember just how blessed we are to “love what we do” and  to stay focused on creating beauty in our life, letting go of fears and staying in the present.

With whatever it is that fills your week, it is my every wish, that you love what you do and  make choices congruent with your heart.

Love and Good Health to you all.




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