Nature-Made (i.e. God doesn’t make junk)

Nature-Made (i.e. God doesn’t make junk)

This week I was contemplating yet again the simple rule – that if what you are eating is made by nature, and you are eating it in it’s purest form (ie. it’s not been processed in some way other than cooking), then you are making wise health choices. This is one of the simplest nutritional principles we can teach our children.

Try it next time when you’re in the supermarket or petrol station and your child pleads with you to buy some ‘junky’ snack item; “Sweetheart do you think that THAT ice-block looks like it would be very good for you? Do you really think God would make something with those hideous colours?  Lets look and see just how many ‘E-numbers’ you’d be swallowing, I think at least 5, how many do you think …. 5 or 6?”

I was ordering some products for the practice this week and stumbled across the US’s latest star- the “Goji Berry” and took a moment to reflect on how clever God is – take a look below and see what this tiny nutritious berry offers.

It’s the newest food item in our house and we’ve had mixed reviews. My suggestion is that you explain to the little people in your house that it is not meant to be sweet like a sultana, that it has quite a unique taste. Explain that a couple of berries a day are just as important as taking their Vitamin C’s and Oils.

My three were fairly noncommittal, until I mentioned that the Goji Berry was known to be Tarzan’s favourite food. “How do you know Mum?” Nelson asked. Quick on my feet, I replied as I winked at Wilem,  “Jane told me!”. They giggled knowingly at my ‘porky pie’, but then eagerly asked for another testosterone booster.

There are countless health benefits of this nutritious dense berry which has a sweet mild cherry-cranberry flavour.

The Goji berry has;

More than 500 times the Vitamin C in an orange.

The Goji Berry stimulates the pituitary gland to release Human Growth Factor which;

-helps to reduce body fat

-helps you sleep

-improves your memory

Goji Berries contain more iron than spinach!

Goji Berries are the most abundant source of caroteneoids ie. they have more beta carotene than carrots do. They contain 18 amino acids and are loaded with vitamins and minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and vitamin B1, B2, B3 and E.

Goji Berries are a powerful anti-oxidant (rating at 18, 500 on the Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity compared with blue berries which have 2,400 ORAC units), assist the cardiovascular system and Increase the Libido by increasing testosterone in the blood. According to an old Chinese Proverb, “He who travels thousand kilometers from home should not eat the goji!”- Be careful here!

Goji Berries heighten Immune System Responses and they also rank low on the glycemic index.

God is so clever. Eat well by choosing plenty of ‘nature-made’ items throughout the day.



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