Oils ain’t Oils

Oils ain’t Oils

Someone asked me the other day how to get the important oils like Flax and Fish Oils into a child’s diet?

There are lots of ways to disguise oils, but personally I think it’s important to get kids used to taking oils straight. We also take this same principle with our children and Chinese herbs. From an early age encourage your child to swallow half a teaspoon of fish oil and flax oil at a time – you can always offer them a ‘chaser’ if necessary, such as a mouthful of yoghurt or a couple of grapes.

Whilst oils and herbs may be strong tasting – these are golden opportunities to help your children to make conscious, healthy choices and to take action to strengthen their bodies. You then get to celebrate with them, making them feel like champions.

“Why it is important children make conscious acts for their health so early on ???? “

Every health choice we make for our family  develops our child’s health culture.

In the previous blog titled “The Doctor Within Principle” – a new health culture, we discussed how we want our children to grow-up being inquisitive about health and what’s involved with creating a strong machine.

Reminding them that their bodies are sooooooooooo clever. That their body has great intelligence and healing capacity. Encouraging them to ask good questions and to read and learn about their bodies.

Encouraging them to make conscious acts (such as taking oils straight) to strengthen their bodies, fosters their self- pride and their confidence within.

There are many other ways I incorporate oils into our families diet, some of these include;

– Mixing Flax Oil into our Oat, Rice or Barley porridge when it is slightly cooled and before the milk. Generally I’ll add the oil, then a little honey, then rice milk and I’ll top with sesame seeds, flaked almonds and other nuts or seeds.

– I’ll put flax oil and fish oil into our smoothies, which we have at least twice a week. I also include acidophilus powder. I’ll include the recipe in the next blog.

– I’ll use flax oil in any of my baking, adding it to the wet ingredients.

– I’ll add to mashed sweet potato, pumpkin or potato when the veggies are slightly cooled before I add anything else.

– And as mentioned above, you can get your child to take the oils straight as well.

With these options you should be able to include oils everyday into your diet.

You have probably seen the edible fish capsules you can buy for children in grocery stores. Some of these brands are fine, generally the ones you find in quality health food stores. Cheaper varieties are often sweetened by aspartame officially known as 951 with the toxicity warning of phenylketonurics:contains phenylalanine. So check labels carefully.

Yours in Health, 

Jennifer Barham-Floreani
Bach. Chiropractic, Bach. App Clinical Science
Registered internationally, no longer practicing as a chiropractor in Australia.

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