With autumn here, the Victorian air is much cooler and the winds are becoming more constant.  Most of us have succumbed to the need for heaters or fires of an evening and early in the morning.

With this autumn wind and the use of heaters extracting additional moisture from our skin, it seems like most days the boys are coming home with rosey red cheeks and chapped lips.  Whenever I feel like their skin is dry, I up the anti with the amount of flax oil I add to our smoothies and other food items, as discussed in “Oils ain’t oils.”  We generally will have smoothies a couple of times a week as they serve as ‘a delicious dynamo drink’.

Our basic recipe is as follows and will generally vary depending upon the availability of ingredients within my fridge:

  • Fruit – Banana, mango, strawberries or other berries. Such as one banana and one mango, or one banana and a handful of strawberries etc.
  • 2 cups of Liquid – this can be Rice or Oat Milk, Apple Juice or Water. Generally I will use one cup of rice milk and one cup of water.
  • 2 – 3 tablespoons of Flax Oil. (The yoghurt and the sweet taste of the fruit should disguise the strong oil flavour).
  • 4 Marine/Fish Oil capsules pierced and squirted into the blender. (Again the yoghurt and the sweet taste of the fruit should disguise any fish oil flavour).
  • Acidophilus Powder- one full teaspoon.
  • Multi -mineral liquid – if I have one on hand I will add one teaspoon of a high quality multi mineral liquid.( ‘Neways’ do a fabulous multi- mineral liquid that some days I will just mix with a little water and give to the boys this way. I am still investigating other brands.)
  • Yoghurt – two tablespoons of high quality yoghurt. (Some days we do not add yoghurt particularly if the boys are fighting a cold and as bananas are also mucus producing I will avoid these too).
  • Honey – to taste.
  • Ice – if you like.

Place all the ingredients in a blender and whizz away until smooth, generally just a few minutes, however you may need to stir to ensure all the fruit has been broken up.  Alternatively if you do not have a blender you can use a “bar-mix” and a deep jug.

As you enjoy the taste sensation of a delicious smoothie your body rejoices in the gentle nurturing these ingredients offer. Particularly our dry skin cells!.

Wishing you exceptional health,

Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani
B.App.Clin.Sci, B.Chiropractic

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