Published Articles – Winter Germs

Published Articles – Winter Germs

Another edited article recently published…

Winter Germs

With winter here heaters are constantly blazing, and bugs and germs have ideal breeding grounds to germinate.

Research now tells us that our obsession with ‘cleanliness’ is not necessarily a good thing. It is important to teach our children that germs are something to be mindful of but they are not to be feared. As bugs and germs are ever present they are ALWAYS around, passing from one person to another like a round robin. It is important to remember that sickness is not solely caused by germs; the problem lies with the host, the individual’s immune strength.

Take any classroom scenario as an example, if our child’s immune system is strong then the germs they have been happily carrying around day in day out won’t affect them. If their body is weak, tired and ‘out of balance’ then germs will gather, propagate and attack more ferociously. The strong can survive the attack yet it is when they are run down that they become more susceptible to infection.

Flu symptoms are an important message or sign from our body that we need to focus more intensely on our health. Even Louis Pasteur, on his death bed, condemned his own ‘Germ Theory’ when he said, “The seed (germ) is nothing; the soil (body) is everything.”

To maintain vitality during winter we need to sharpen our focus on strengthening our immune system.
So if you feel like your little one is spiraling down, focus on boosting their immune system with regular nutritious foods and good old quality sleep. Holistic practitioners who focus on renewing health and wellness can also guide your family.

Good health is your best defence against illness.



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