Which personal care products should I choose?

Which personal care products should I choose?

As we discussed in the previous blog “Toxins in Baby Products”, there are many nasty chemicals to watch out for when choosing personal care products for our families. In addition to the quick list of chemicals that I avoid when choosing products, the Environmental Working Group has a wonderful site where you can have your products assessed or ranked for toxicity.

Although the EWG is an American consumer group they publish this online safety guide for more than 27,000 personal care products, including a wide range of baby products, many of which are also leading brands here in Australia. The EWG Skin Deep cosmetic safety database contains information not only about phthalates but also more than 7,000 other product ingredients.

So test your families personal care products

We are fortunate in Australia to have some wonderful natural personal care products that avoid the nasties that I listed in the previous blog. Some are also organic.

Some brands that come to mind I’ve included below. There will be others I have forgotten with my  PREGNANT WEARY BRAIN so forgive me!

  • A’kin
  • Pure Earth
  • Gaia
  • Sukin
  • Avado – Tasmanian Company not Aveda US brand (which sadly isn’t as natural as it smells!)

My further recommendations would be;

  • use bland organic – rich, natural based products, such as water and vegetable gum based wash products,
  • pure, cold pressed, and certified organic oils with pure essential oils, use sparingly and not on new babies

I hope this helps.

In health, Jennifer



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