Man vs Microbiome
Gut Health

What’s this Microbiome thing?

If you’ve heard people discussing gut health, then chances are you’ve probably also heard the buzz word “microbiome.” Here’s what you need to know so that you’re just as street smart and savvy as the young hipsters out there…or anyone else who knows about the microbiome, really. Your microbiome refers […]

General Wellness

How To Improve Methylation

Prior to jumping in here with ways to improve methylation I’d highly recommend you read the following blogs Should I be Freaking Out About my Genes? Methylation, MTHFR – WTF? MTHFR – Say What? How to Test My Methylation? What is Oxidative Stress? Epigenetics End Concerns About Genetic Predispositions Are […]

What is it?
Gut Health

What Is Leaky Gut?

By Mel Bateson The first time I heard the term Leaky Gut, I had images. They involved watery brown stuff, and a bum. Both gross and funny, I thought I had best educate myself here, if for no other reason than I did not want my juvenile brain to be […]

The Gut
Gut Health

What Is The Gut?

By Mel Bateson If you are anything like me, you may have noticed that there is increasing chatter about Gut Health in the mainstream media, recently. My first thought was of the stereotypical Dad with the rounded belly, the result of a lifetime imbibing food and beverage, and cleaning up […]