General Wellness

Let Food By Thy Medicine

Re-published with permission from Paul’s Story: “I knew I was not well. I had to take a break to catch my breath every 10 steps or so. I felt the pressure on my chest every morning…. …I started not wanting to wake up because I knew what was next… […]

General Wellness

Sometimes Good Parenting Starts in the Gut

By Matt Mahalo, wellbeing author and proud father of two. No, I’m not talking about gut feelings and intuition here. I mean simple gut health… Because it’s difficult to be a good parent when we have limited emotional resilience and low energy — two things that are seriously affected by […]

Gut Health

Why The Heck Would I Ferment Foods?

  When building strength and balance in the body I often talk about the importance of chiropractic adjustments, probiotics, filtered water, a clean wholesome diet, reducing toxins where ever possible, sharing bugs, getting dirty, sweaty exercise and quality sleep… With all of this in mind there’s no doubt that at […]