School Holidays – bliss or miss?

School Holidays – bliss or miss?

child running outsideWell, as I sit down finally after the day’s tidy up, I realise that my house is still for the larger part – completely unorganised.

After two weeks of school holidays I am amazed at how extra hands and bodies lounging around the house can create such chaos. Having had school buddies over, interstate cousins to stay, weekends away, it would seem that not a cupboard has escaped little hands pulling and shoving at its contents.

Feeling my chest rise and fall heavily with overwhelming exasperation, knowing full well my ‘anally retentive’ side could rear its ugly head any moment, I decide that I am going to take a bath and go to bed.

The mess will still be there tomorrow and the next, if I choose.

I chuckle to myself knowing that I am not alone, there are many other parents no doubt running around organising school uniforms and the like.

As I let go of my urgency for “house-order” I choose to reflect on the wonderful 2 weeks we all shared. Chaos was one of the casualties of the time we shared, as were many of my work commitments but we did have an action packed, delightful break. A messy house is the sign of time well spent I guess. After all, it is not worth being perfectly house proud on the school holidays at the expense of playful, childhood memories. Besides I would have been tackled to the ground by a house full of smelly boys and been a resentful grumpy mother!

Anyway, my point here is I guess: try not to “sweat the small stuff” – particularly not a messy house.
I intend to take my time tackling those cupboards, one or two a day because they are certainly NOT  a priority. Especially when I reflect on the cackling laughter we shared, walks in the rain, a kangaroo poo-fight and flipping a sail boat in the Whitsundays. What a hoot!

Love to you and yours,




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