10 Steps for a Healthier Pregnancy

10 Steps for a Healthier Pregnancy

The following 10 Steps to a Healthier Pregnancy are by no means essential, but they will help guide you towards a healthier pregnancy. It is beneficial to incorporate these lifestyle changes before you decide to become pregnant, but if you are already pregnant, simply adopt as many of these steps as you can.


1. Learn about pregnancy. Appreciate how your baby develops so you can understand their growing needs. As it is well known, “knowledge is power”.

2. Broaden your knowledge by interviewing other women, couples and maternity care providers, and then decide on your individual approach to pregnancy and birth.

3. Learn about how to be proactive about your health and well-being.

4. Get checked by a wellness-oriented chiropractor. When your nervous system or ‘life force’ is free of interference, your body is better able to express its full genetic capacity for vitality and health. It is better able to nurture your baby within.

5. Assess your pre-conceptive or pregnant health status. Naturopaths and Chinese herbalists are trained to assess specific nutritional needs or deficiencies which might impact on a mother’s pregnancy or long-term health.

6. Adopt self-care principles and healthy lifestyle habits.

7. Focus on a wholesome nutritious diet.

8. Reduce your toxic load.

9. Maintain a positive learning attitude.

10. Relax, meditate and connect with your baby.



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